Saddleback Card


Saddleback College is partnering with HigherOne, a financial services company focused on higher education disbursements. The Saddleback/Higher One MasterCard Debit Card is used for activating a refund preference for Financial Aid Disbursements. The Saddleback/MasterCard debit card is one option for receiving your financial aid (grants and loans). There are other options, which include a direct deposit to your existing checking or savings account or a paper check (mailed to you). Although you must select a refund option through the Higher One website (by entering the debit card number on the Higher One website) in order to receive a refund, you do not have to opt for the Higher One debit card option. Don't throw away the card as it is your ticket to a faster disbursement.

The Saddleback Card is designed to provide you with increased choices. These options include:

  • Higher One bank account/Master Card debit card (1 business day).
  • Direct deposit to your own checking or savings account (2-3 business days).
  • Issue a paper check and send the disbursement by mail (5-7 business days).

The timing estimates are AFTER HigherOne receives Saddleback College's disbursement records.

Please activate your card as soon as you receive it. Look for it to be delivered to your address on file with the Financial Assistance Office. You can track your card status online at the “Where’s My Card” feature.

Upon receiving your card, go to the website listed on the back of your card and enter your card’s 16-digit number to begin the activation process and make your selection. Remember, even if you are not currently expecting a disbursement from Saddleback College, we may have a disbursement for you in the future so save that card!

Please make sure the Saddleback College Financial Assistance Office has your correct current mailing address at this link. Your Saddleback Card will be mailed to your current address as entered on the FAFSA, so it needs to be accurate. Change or verify your address now.

For more information contact the Financial Assistance Office at 949-582-4860

Change/Verify Address

Please make sure Saddleback College has your correct current mailing address at this link. Your Saddleback College Card will be mailed to your current address on file with Enrollment Services, so it needs to be accurate.

Change Verify Address

Changing your Address

It's important to keep your address up-to-date. Please use ALL the links below to change your address:

  1. For Financial Aid Office: Student Status Change Form, and
  2. After your Debit Card is activated: Member Login