Frequently Asked Questions

What is a budget transfer and how do I enter one?

A budget transfer is an entry in the Escape accounting software that allows for adjustments to the adopted budget. This allows for increases or decreases to adopted budget amounts due to unexpected circumstances. Budget transfers can be addressed in Escape under Finance>Fiscal>Budget Transfers. Keep in mind there are various restrictions on budget transfers, and more detail will be available in the updated Fiscal Office Guide (FOG). Budget transfers, once submitted, go through an approval process similar to the requisition approval process. Approvals should be tracked in Escape to make sure it is approved in a timely manner.

What is an expenditure transfer and how do I submit one?

An expenditure transfer is used to move a cost/charge from one account to another. An expenditure transfer differs from a budget transfer because it relates to actual costs charged to an account rather than the amount of budget available under the account. For example, if a duplicating cost was posted to the wrong department in Escape, an expenditure transfer would be used to move that cost to the correct department’s account. Use this expenditure transfer form (link to form) to prepare a request.

Things to keep in mind when preparing an expenditure transfer are:

  • “From” is the account the cost/charge was incorrectly posted to, and “To” is the correct account that should be charged with the cost.

  • Complete all information and include a detailed description of the purpose for the transfer.

  • Obtain Administrator/Dean approval signature

  • Provide adequate support for your transfer, such as an Escape report showing the account where the charge was posted, payroll reports for employee payroll that is being transferred, copy of requisitions, etc.

  • Make sure you have sufficient budget in your “To” account so the transfer can be posted. Generally, the expenditure transfer will not be posted if there is insufficient budget available to absorb the transferred cost.

  • Send all expenditure transfer requests to the College Fiscal Office for review and the Director’s approval. We will forward the approved request to District Business Office.

How do I request to use the College’s Fiscal credit card, and what can it be used for?

The Fiscal Services credit card can be used for immediate and urgent purchases only where there is no other option for payment (vendor will not accept a purchase order, or invoice you after goods or services are provided) and the purchase is limited to amounts of $500 or less. No travel or conference use is allowed. Use these detailed instructions for guidance on how to request the use of the card.

How can I calculate the cost of adding a new position?

An Employee Cost Worksheet (Example) is available on MySite and is updated annually during the budget development process. Use this worksheet in conjunction with salary schedules or hourly rates to determine the additional benefits costs associated with adding a new position.

How do I make changes to an approved purchase order?

Use the change order form to make changes to an approved purchase order. You can change the amount or terms of the purchase order using this form. Once prepared, it should be emailed to your Dean/Director and copied to all College approvers with the request that the change be approved.

The Dean/Director should be instructed to forward the approved change order to Purchasing. For an example of a completed change order, click here.