Forms and Documents

The following are forms and documents used by faculty, staff and administration.

The forms and documents on this page are intended for internal office use only.

If you are unable to locate the form you require, you may need to check on MySite for District related forms.  District forms are not public and should be accessed by logging into Mysite directly, once logged in, select My Work, Employee Services, Documents.

Academic Senate Documents, Resources, and Links

Documents, Resources, and Links

Policies, Position Papers, and Handbooks:

Academic Senate Resolutions:


All pertinent Senate resolutions can be found within the Academic Senate meeting minutes. Please contact the Academic Senate Office for more information.


Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Administration Forms

Admission and Records Office

Audio Visual Support

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Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures

Vehicle Entrance.jpg

The Saddleback College Police Department is a service-oriented police agency. The Department is staffed by fully-sworn Police Officers, trained and regulated by standards established by the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission. The officers have the same authority as a Municipal Police Officer or County Deputy Sheriff.

Saddleback College Police Officers are responsible for patrolling campus grounds, taking crime and incident reports, conducting investigations, enforcing all applicable laws, traffic regulations and providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests.

Crimes, suspicious activities, and any emergency should be reported to the Saddleback College Police Department. Saddleback College Police can be contacted at any time by calling (949) 582-4585 or at ext #4585 from any campus phone.

Pink Patch Project
The Saddleback College Police Department invites you to support the Pink Patch Project (#PinkPatchProject) by bringing attention to the fight against breast cancer and support breast cancer research, treatment, and care for those who are currently battling, or are recovering from cancer. Download more information.

Andrew Craven, Police Operation Specialist can be contacted by calling the main office number.

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Friday 7:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday CLOSED.

Saddleback Campus - Hours of Operation - Administrative Regulation 4000.8


Student Safety, Health and Emergency Information

Public Information Emergency Information
Safety & Public Health Procedures for Emergencies
Forms Videos

Cisco Campus Phone System and Documentation

Quick Reference Guides

Cisco Phone

Getting Phone Support

Cisco Phone Documentation

Conference/Professional Development Forms

Counseling Related Forms

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Course Related Forms

Curriculum Office Forms and Documents

District Risk Management Forms

Division Office Forms

Evaluation Forms

Facilities, Maintenance & Operations

Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Work Order System
Use this system for reporting:

  • ALL maintenance issues
  • Requesting setup for events (tables, chairs, EZ-Ups, electrical lines)
  • Submit a work order to FMO


Motor Vehicle Requisitions:

All drivers must have a current Driver’s License Report on file in the FM&O Office and must adhere to the District Driver’s Policy; sections AR – 3205 (D and E)

Field Trips/NON-Athletic:

For Field Trips or any event that is NOT an Athletic event, use the Motor Vehicle Requisition (MVR).
Fill in all fields. Have the form signed by the Dean, Director, or higher that you report to. Fax form to the FM&O office at 949-364-9461. Keep the original for your records.

Athletic Events:

For Athletic Events, use the Motor Vehicle Requisition – Athletics (MVR-A) form. Fill in all fields. Have the form signed by the Dean, Director, or higher that you report to. Fax form to the FM&O office at 949-364-9461. Keep the original for your records.

Vehicles will not be reserved on a permanent basis for any function.

Field Trip Forms

See VP Instruction: Forms and Documents, for Field Trip Request form.

See District Risk Management Forms, for Field Trip Liability Release forms.

See Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations for the Motor Vehicle Requisition form.

Foundation Office Forms and Legal Documents

Graphics & Publications

We provide services to faculty, staff and our campus community with advertising, direct mail, publications and marketing communications.

Please download the graphics request form to your computer, then fill out and submit via email. Be sure that your dean or supervisor receives a copy. Complete as many items on this form as possible.

Email completed form with any relevant attachments to:


New business card request form below!
Please make sure you select the correct form.

Graphics Request Form

Business Card Request Form

Guidelines and Graphics Files

Saddleback College Communications and Graphics Manual

Saddleback College Logo Kit

Saddleback College PowerPoint Themes & Templates

Saddleback College Digital Letterhead Color

Saddleback College Digital Letterhead Black and White

Saddleback Graphics Guidelines


Learning Resources and Support for Faculty

Matriculation Forms and Documents

Matriculation Forms and Documents

Click on the links below to download and print the appropriate form. Please read the form descriptions to make sure you are sending in the correct paperwork. All printable forms are in PDF format and require the Adobe PDF reader program in order to view them. All newer computers will come with Adobe Reader installed, however if you do not have this FREE program download Adobe Reader and install it.

Printable Forms

Note: The Matriculation Office does not accept photos of any documents taken with a phone or a camera for course placement. All documents must be printed/scanned and emailed, submitted by fax, or dropped off at Village 8-5.

  1. Math and English Alternative Evidence Evaluation Form
    For courses that require a math or English prerequisite (view list of courses)
    Please use this form when sending in AP exam scores, completed College coursework, or assessment scores from another college to be evaluated for math and English placement or to clear a math or English prerequisite.
  2. College Prerequisite Evaluation Form (Other Departments)
    For courses that DO NOT require a math or English prerequisite Please use this form when sending in transcripts that are to be evaluated for courses that DO NOT have a math or English prerequisite. This form must be faxed to the appropriate Division Office.
  3. Matriculation Test Rescore Request Form
    Your placement results from the assessment exams will be posted with-in 24 business hours to your MySite. If you do not see your placement results posted in your MySite please use this form to request a rescore of your exams. Also see the online version of this form below.

Matriculation Documents

Testing Dates

Sample Tests and Help Sites


Education Requirement Worksheets

Personnel Forms and Information

Program Review and Student Learning Outcomes

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Technology Services

Dr. Anthony MacielThe Technology Services department is committed to providing the highest quality technology tools and support that serve the academic and administrative needs of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The department offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT services such as networking, VOIP, training, web application development and support, e-medical records, virtualization, SharePoint, and an array of other technological services.

The department offers top-quality resources and services to all members of the college community with an aim to facilitate teaching, learning, research, administrative activities, and to further the college's vision and mission.

This site has many resources that can help you in managing your technology. Feel free to explore and, if you have any questions, please contact our administrative office at (949) 582-4456 or for technical assistance contact the Help Desk at (949) 582-4600.

Anthony Maciel, Ed.D.
Director of Technology Services
and Broadcast Systems

Technology Support Information

VP Instruction: Forms and Documents

VP Student Services: Forms and Documents