Student Exhibition

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2013


Ammann-Sher., Michelle -Chain Femaille  
Andreasen,  James  -Plane & Edge  
Azarnia, Sohrob   -Fetus    
Babayan, Sandra  -Creatures in Katharines Head
Barnes, Dotti   -Big Boy’s Shiny Red Toy
Barnum, Antoinette  -California Landscape 
Borsellino, Catherine  -Color Theory
Brown, Justin   -March Hare
Budai, Rachel   -The People of Many
Buenrostro, Lydia  -Music to My Eyes
Cohen, M Jayne   -Dreams
Cuthbertson, Denise  -Within a Circle
Dailey, Ryan   -Crazy Ginger
Daniel, Barbara   -A Shelter in the Time of Storm
Domagalska, Eva  -A Copy of Jeffrey Ripple’s Persimmon Branches
Donohue, Marge   -untitled
Fahrion, Diane   -Sierra Rose
Fariba, Bashar   -Egg in the Box
Ferrero-Baroni, Maura  -Fly Away
Firpo, Jim    -Once Upon a Time
Fisher, Amanda   -Put a Ring on it
Hanson, Bren   -Orthopedic Jenny & yet another botched surgery
Henry, Traci    -An Underwood Typewriter
Hessmer, Sabine   -Cactus Trail
Hoole, Raynie   -Face plate
Hornbeck, Linda   -Cassie and Her Shadow
Huizenga, Gene   -Wednesdays with……………..
Huang, Grace   -untitled
Inbar, Sharon   -City People
Irish, Rosalie   -Silas
Jacobs, Beverly   -Untitled
Johnson, Ariana   -Jack Nicklaus
Jones, Bernie   -Utset
Kennedy, Erin   -The Messenger
Klein, Mary   - Mermaids are among us
Kornievsky,Carol   -The Treasures Hidden……….
Kornievsky,George  -Funerary Urn, CA 2525 CE
Korol, Anastasya   -Celestial Rise
Massoudi, Tayebeh S.  -Nature Sketch #2
Meberg, Carla   -Bovine Beauty
Oien, Larry    -Freedom
Olinto, Robert   -Contrails over moonstone…..
Osborne-Dion, Jayne  -Lady Fiddle Fern
Patel, Varsha   -Serenity
Pellissier, Michele  -untitled
Rickerson, Irini   -Fishy in the Sky
Ridder, Mitch   -Hotel Laguna
Rose, Ellen    -Good Habits
Rosen, Aaron (Ike)  -Natures Elegance
Sharkansky, Lou   -Thinker
Shattuck, Leslie   -Off the Wall
Sommer, Charlie   -Isis Recovered
Spraker, Michael   -Floating Vase #02
Tiner, Peter   -Dervish
Toucey, Amy Jo   -Calico Mexico
Verhagen, Caroline  -Rose
Ward Meagan   -Untitled 2
Ward, Rosa   -Turtle
West, Linda   -Girl with Pot on Her Head
Whitney, Gina    -Little Owl
Yousef, Jon Pierre  -Self Portrait (Abstract using..)

PICK-UP times for works not selected:

                             Mon.   April 22       10 - 4 pm

                             Tue.    April 23       10 - 7 pm

                             Wed.   April 24       10 - 4 pm


***PLEASE NOTE: the gallery is not responsible for work not picked up.

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2013 Schedule:

     Opens   Monday, May 06, 2013          Closes    Thursday, May 16, 2013