Governance Groups and Organizations

Governance Groups

Academic Senate Governance Groups
Classified Senate
Associated Student Government

Strategic Planning Groups

Goal I: Campus Climate
Goal II: Student Success
Goal III: Economic & Workforce Development
Goal IV: Financial Resources & Effectiveness

College Committees

Associate Faculty Support
Basic Skills Initiative
Career Technical Education
College Foundation Support
College Resource
Consultation Council
Drug Alcohol Prevention and Intervention Advisory
Educational Planning and Assessment
Enrollment Management
Food and Beverage
Foundation Board
High School Partnership Council
Marketing and Communications
Planning and Budget Steering
Safety and Facilities
Student Equity Plan Core Team
Student Success and Support Program
Student Success Coordinating

Management Committees/Meetings

President's Executive Team
Vice President for Instruction Council
Vice President for Student Services Council
Management Team

Classified Senate Committees

Classified Senate
Classified Development Day
Events Coordinator & Planning/Funding
Staff Development Funding


Academic Senate Committees

Academic Appeals and Standards
Academic Senate
Distance/Online Education
Equity and Diversity
Faculty Development/Funding
Full-Time Faculty Hiring Prioritization
General Education
Honors Board

Associated Student Government Committees

Diversity Student Council
Events Cabinet
Inter-Club Council (ICC)
Leadership Council

Bargaining Agencies

Faculty Association
California School Employee Association

District Committees*

Academic Calendar
Basic Aid Allocation Recommendation (BARC)
Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Advisory Council
Business Continuity Planning
Capital Improvement
Chancellor’s Council
Custodian of Records
District Institutional Research and Technology
District Administrators/Managers
District Resources Allocation
District Services Planning Committee
District-wide Planning Council
District-wide Integrated Planning
District Online Education Council District Resources Allocation Council
District-wide Technology Committee
Learning Services Coordinating Committee (LSCC)
Online Education
Sabbatical Leave
*meeting minutes and agendas are stored on the SOCCCD intranet

Note: In addition to the above committees, there are division and departmental committees, as well as advisory groups that serve the career technical, student services and grants areas.