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Grant Development & Management Worksheets

This page provides you with the forms necessary to start the grant application process. It also provides you with helpful worksheets to help you determine, document, and communicate the salary needs and match commitment of your proposed program. An expenditure tracking and variance sheet and report are provided to help ensure that, when funded, grant funds are tracked and are expended in a timely manner. Other forms and documents are provided to assist you throughout the grant management process. 

Board Agenda Documents and Specifications


Other Forms and Resources

2012 Grants Manual.jpg

2012 Grants Manual

Condensed Grants Manual.jpg

2012 Condensed Grants Manual

Grants Process.png

Grants Process


Grants Request Form

Grants Matrix.png

Grants Matrix

(Independent Decision Form)


Grant Search Request Form

The Grants Search Request Form is the first step in seeking grants office assistance. It is where you will describe the type of intervention, program, or activity you are seeking to fund. This document differs from the Grant Request Form. The Grant Request Form will be used once a funder has been identified and you initiate the application process.

The Grant Search Request Form can be submitted by any college faculty or staff member.  Please include specific information about who will benefit from this grant or what participants will be served (e.g. at-risk students, low-income, minorities, the general public, etc.). This form will be used to assist our office in searching for viable funders for your project. Please contact the grants office for assistance with obtaining and completing the Grant Search Request Form.

March 2013 Workshop Material

College Grant Funded Programs - Partial List