Honors Program


Saddleback College Honors Program The Saddleback College Honors Program is an interdisciplinary effort to develop exceptional talent, ability, and scholarship in highly motivated students of all majors. Honors students include

  • Walk-In Students,
    who want to take only one or two Honors courses, and
  • Certificate-Track Students, 
    who aspire to earn the Honors Certificate.
Any Saddleback College student may register for and participate in Honors courses
without submitting an application, by the same procedure used to register in other classes.
For further information, contact us.

Students seeking priority registration, UCI and UCLA library cards, Honors transfer, Honors counseling, and other benefits must submit an application (see "Forms & Downloads" on this page).  

There is no application deadline. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Nevertheless, interested students should not put off applying, since participation in Honors transfer partnerships may be jeopardized by a delay. Students seeking to apply for Certificate-Track status must do so before completing two Honors classes. 

We offer workshops every Spring and Summer to help high school and new Saddleback College students learn about the Honors Program and we are happy to visit area high schools and youth programs to share information about Saddleback College and the opportunities this program offers. 

The 2016-17 Honors Student Council outreach team produced this look into the Honors Program over the summer of 2017. We are indebted to all the team members, especially host (and mastermind) Landon Wexler, now at Syracuse University, and tech wizard Zachary Taubman, now at Ohio State University. We hope they're not too cold (up/out) there, and hope they'll visit when they come back for some sunshine.