The Saddleback College Honors Program is an interdisciplinary effort to develop exceptional talent, ability, and scholarship in highly motivated students of all majors, whether they are

  • Walk-In Honors Students who want to take only one or two Honors courses of particular interest or

  • Certificate-Track Honors Students who aspire to earn the Honors Certificate and participate in Honors transfer.

All students in Honors classes receive many benefits, including

  • Smaller classes (25 students);

  • Enhanced preparation for upper-division work;

  • Challenging and enjoyable academic experiences;

  • H transcript notation for each Honors course taken.

All Saddleback College students may enroll in any Honors class for which they meet the regular prerequisites, by the same procedure used to register in other classes. No special permission is required.
By enrolling in Honors classes, students automatically become Walk-In Honors Students.

Certificate-Track Honors students in good standing are entitled to benefits and opportunities in addition to those listed above. Information on applying for Certificate-Track status is here

Honors program participation is one of the eight "comprehensive review factors" for transfer applicants to all University of California campuses.

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