Associated Student Government Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council, one of the four councils of the Saddleback College Associated Student Government, is dedicated to improving campus life for Honors students by planning events and programs that directly benefit honors students and promote student success and involvement.

Weekly meeting:
Tuesday 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
SSC 211

2017-18 Officers:

Averi Wilhems,, Director
Jon Erik Moyles,, Administrative Coordinator

Lauren Weston,, Officer of Events
Zach Zeidman,, Officer of Finance
Dominique Lawrence,, Officer of Outreach
Ryan Carlson,, Officer of Outreach
Keven Verduzco,, Officer of Volunteers

Student Representatives to the Honors Board:
Max Rivera,
Devin Weathersby,
Timbo DeShay, (alternate)

Alannah Rosenberg, Honors Program Chair

The 2016-17 Honors Student Council outreach team produced this look into the Honors Program over the summer of 2017. The Honors Program is indebted to all the team members, especially host (and mastermind) Landon Wexler, now at Syracuse University, and tech wizard Zachary Taubman, now at Ohio State University. We hope they're not too cold (up/out) there, and hope they'll visit when they come back for some sunshine.


 Honors Student Council