How to Apply for Certificate-Track Honors Student Status

Certificate-Track Status: How to Apply

Students must submit a Certificate-Track Application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but deadlines do exist for students who what to be considered for priority registration eligibility:

For priority registration in Apply by the 2nd Friday in
Fall  May
Spring  September
Summer February

New for Fall 2014: California Education Code now requires that 
students may not have priority registration until they finish the matriculation process.
A summary of the procedure is here; see also the Matriculation Office link at left.

  • Applications from current Walk-In Honors Students:application1314.png
    Students who have or are in the process of completing Honors courses must submit an application before completing two Honors courses, whether or not the GPA and English competency requirements have been met (see below).
  • Other applications: 
    Applications are accepted only from only from students who have completed a Saddleback College application or have officially transferred (i.e., changed their College of Record) from Irvine Valley College. Students still in high school are welcome to apply if they have gone through matriculation. Students may submit an application any time after receiving their student ID number. 

As a part of the application, the following is required:
(These requirements can be found also on the cover page of the application.)

  • A two-to-three-page typed "Statement of Purpose," in MLA format, written by the applicant without assistance.

  • Two academic letters of recommendation, at least one of which must be from a faculty member (college or high-school) in English, humanities, or social sciences. Contact the Honors Program Office for consideration of other types of recommendation letters if you are in special circumstances of any kind that would prevent your having academic letters.

  • Transcripts: (unofficial transcripts and screen printouts are acceptable). 
    We do not have access to transcripts sent to other Saddleback College offices. 

    • For students with fewer than 12 semester units of graded college-level work:
      transcripts of high school work. 

    • For students with at least 12 semester units of graded college-level work:
      transcripts of all college work not at Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College. Students may submit high school transcripts also in support of their application, if desired.

  • We do not consider SAT, ACT, or any standardized tests other than those given in the Matriculation Office of either Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College.



Admission Criteria:

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.25, including.
    • for students with at least 12 UC-transferable units, over all those units, wherever completed
    • for students with fewer units, over all academic high school work (weighted).
  • Eligibility for any transfer-level English composition course at Saddleback College, as determined by the Matriculation Office based on examination or AP score:
    • English 1A or 1AH, or
    • English 1B or 1BH
  • Saddleback College as the student's College of Record.

Students who do not meet the English Composition or GPA requirement 
may apply, and will be considered for admission. 

Students who are short of the criteria should, however,
(1) explain whatever circumstances prevented them from meeting the criteria, and
(2) discuss their strategies for overcoming or recovering from those circumstances.  

Application may be deferred until the criteria are met,
but the application must be submitted before two Honors classes are completed
in order to preserve eligibility for eventual admission. 

In the meantime, as discussed above,
all students may continue to take Honors courses
whether or not they are accepted to Certificate-Track status
and should begin working with an Honors counselor immediately