Undergraduate Research Conferences

Outstanding Abstract Award Winner Learon Inbar describes her work at the Awards Plenary Saddleback students enjoying the afternoon plenary sessionAlexander Kusztyk presents his work in a "breakout session" of student presentations

One of the most valuable experiences available to Honors students is participation in undergraduate research conferences. These really are "extraordinary" in the true sense of the word. Most undergraduates never participate in research conferences.

Although conferences are not part of the usual undergraduate experience, every Saddleback student who has ever attended one -- whether as a presenter, a moderator, or "just" an audience member -- has said it was rewarding and exciting (and fun).

To learn more about conferences in general, visit our webpage for presenters, volunteers, and "just" audience members:


Students who have attended one conference always want to attend another!

Our regular calendar includes four conferences at which students may submit work in any discipline. 
(If the link is not live, the conference organizers have not yet made the current year's link active.)


IVC/ Saddleback
Student Research Symposium
Irvine Valley College
November 15, 2014

Southern California Conferences
for Undergraduate Research
Cal State Fullerton
November 22, 2014


Honors Transfer Council of California
Student Research Conference
U. C. Irvine
March 28, 2015

Bay Honors Consortium
Honors Research Symposium
Stanford University
Late April or Early May 2015

Financial Support for Presenters:

The Honors Student Council of the Associated Student Government, the Saddleback College Honors Program, and the Office of Instruction help support registration fees and other expenses of all Saddleback College students whose work is accepted at these conferences,  whether or not they participate in other aspects of the Honors Program, so long as they meet the criteria set for in the ASG By-Laws, which require that the student

  • be currently enrolled in at least 5 units at Saddleback College
  • have purchased an ASB stamp ($10, and it really does pay for itself)
  • have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • abide by the Saddleback College Code of Conduct (SOCCCD Board Policy 6125)