Nursing Program Information

ADN-BSN Collaboratives with Saddleback

Advanced Placement Student (LVN/Transfer) Packet

The nursing program is impacted, which may limit space for enrollment.

BRN Enforcement Guidelines

GPA of Biology Pre-requisite Computation Table

International Nurse Admission

We are unable to offer individual classes for international RN's.

LVN to RN Program Curriculum
The Bridge classes N 262 and N 264 have been postponed since 2017 due to limited clinical space.

Military Personnel Challenge/Advanced Placement Policy

Multi-criteria Point System for Enrollment

Nursing Student Handbook
The Handbook is updated periodically with policies and information; please make note of revisions.

Nursing Petition to Re-Enter Program

Nursing Program Costs

Hints on completing Re-entry Petitions

RN Program Curriculum

RN Program Information Packet with Mult-Criteria

Transfer Student Program Curriculum