F-1 Regulations

Rule 1: Valid Passport

  • You MUST have a valid passport at all times.

Rule 2: Fulltime Enrollment

  • A full course of study is to complete a minimum of 12 units per term/semester; fall and spring.

Rule 3: Online Course Restriction

  • Only 3 out of the 12 required units per semester can be taken online.

Rule 4: Reduced Course Load

  • All reduced course load requests must be approved by the International Student Office. 
  • You must meet special conditions for approval. 

Rule 5: Report Changes Timely 

  • Report a change of residence within 10 days of the change to the International Student Office. You must also update your Mysite account.

Rule 6: Employment 

  • Students who successfully complete their first term with a minimum of 2.50 GPA are allowed to work on campus. Off-campus employment without written authorization is not permitted.

Rule 7: Travel Signature on I-20

  • If you travel outside the US, you must stop by the International Student Office to get the travel endorsement on your I20.

Rule 8: Concurrent Enrollment

  • You must submit a concurrent enrollment authorization request form to the International Student Office before you are approved to take courses at another SEVIS approved school.

Rule 9: Leave of Absence or School Transfer

  • If you need to take a leave or wish to transfer to another school, please contact us before taking actions so that we can properly assist you.