K-12 Students

Whether you are a student, a parent or guardian, or a school representative, your role in this partnership is an important one. We've outlined pathways that briefly describe how we can continue to work together to ensure students' admission and success in college. Please click on the yellow tabs to the left to learn more about the pathways for each education level. 

To learn more about K-12 Partnerships efforts and activities, refer to our K-12 Partnerships Communication Guide.

Click HERE to learn more about Career Technical Education pathways for K-12 students.

Saddleback College Outreach and Recruitment Efforts
Community Outreach and Recruitment staff and volunteers are committed to keeping K-12 students and other members of the community informed about learning opportunities at Saddleback College. Community outreach efforts for high school students range from classroom presentations and family nights to Senior Day and Freshman Advantage events. Elementary and middle school community outreach efforts include campus tours as well as year-round program opportunities. All members of the community, young and old, are encouraged to visit our campus, or can stop by our information booths at the Orange County Fair and the San Clemente Ocean Festival. Career Technical Education (CTE) events and Emeritus Senior Day are also among our many outreach initiatives.