Kinesiology and Athletics

Kinesiology is separated into four, core departments; Dance, Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation


The Saddleback College Dance Department offers an Associates of Arts Degree. In the dance department there are several technique classes, with sections at all levels; Introduction, Level 1, Intermediate, and Advanced. These technique classes include; Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Latin, and Social. In addition, courses are offered in the History of Dance, Rehearsal and Performance, Dance Production, and Choreography. College-wide dance concerts are presented each semester; the Fall Faculty Dance Concert, and the Spring Student Dance Concert. These are promoted as a major theatre event, and every year is well attended.


The Health Department has three primary areas; Health 1 - Contemporary Health Issues, Health 2 - Responding to Emergencies (CPR), and Health 3 - Women’s Health Issues. There are many sections of Health 1 offered in the mornings, evenings, and also through Distance Education (online).


The Kinesiology Department offers an AA Degree follows the Transfer Model Curriculum for students to articulate to four year institutions in this major. Kinesiology is subdivided into six specific areas: Aquatics, Combative Skills, Fitness, Individual Sports, Team Sports, Training and Theory.


Classes include Swimming for Non-Swimmers, Intermediate Swimming, Advanced Swimming and Diving, and Aqua Aerobics.

Combative Skills

These classes are unique and very popular. Self Defense is a coed class teaching a variety of defense techniques. There are also two forms of Karate, Aikido, and Advanced Aikido.


Fitness classes at Saddleback are very popular and the curriculum is broad and appealing to many students. Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates Conditioning, and Yoga classes are the largest sections, which are offered 6 days a week. KNES 107 - Fitness Assessment is an 8 week 1.0 unit, required class in General Education for the AA Degree at Saddleback. Many students choose to pursue getting a Personal Trainer’s Certification after completing this class. Other classes include; Distance Running, Muscle Toning for Women, Power Yoga, Core Training, Walking for Fitness, Tai Chi, and Trail Hiking.

Individual Sports

Classes include Bowling, Spinning/Cycling, and several multi-skill level classes in Golf, Tennis, and Surfing. Some of these courses are offered off-campus and a fun way to get in shape.

Team Sports

Students can benefit from these sports whether they are beginning players or conditioned athletes. Classes include Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Fast-Pitch Softball, Football, Recreational Baseball, Slow-Pitch Softball, Soccer, and Volleyball.

Training and Theory

Career oriented, transfer classes are offered in two different areas: Kinesiology and Athletic Training. Lecture classes include; Introduction to Kinesiology and Athletics, Fundamentals of Human Movement, Principles of Athletic Coaching (online), and Mental Skills for Sports Performance (online). For Sports Medicine, classes include Fundamentals of Athletic Training, with an Athletic Training Fieldwork course. A newer class offered is Lifeguard Training with certification included.


Three primary classes are offered for students pursuing a career in Outdoor Recreation or Management. These classes are: REC 100 - Introduction to Recreation; REC 102 - Recreation Planning and Leadership; and REC 104 - Camping and Outdoor Education.



For more information on the Sports Medicine program, please call (949) 582-4638.