Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships available?

You may apply for financial aid through the college Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid is occasionally granted to students who show a financial hardship . . . but not as an enticement to attend a college to participate on an athletic team.

Do you have cheerleaders?

Tryouts for the fall squad usually are held in May.
Tryouts for the spring squad are usually held in October.
More information on the pep squad can be found by calling: 949-582-4504.

How are 'cuts' made on the sports teams?

"Cuts" are reductions in the roster to prepare for the season. Actually, only baseball, men's basketball, and men's golf have relied on the coaching staff to reduce the squad size. In football it is apparent who is ready to play at this level and who is not, so attrition happens naturally. No "cuts" have ever been imposed in a women's sport as rosters have never reached capacity.

What are the facilities like?

Saddleback prides itself on the outstanding facilities we offer our student-athletes, as well as the care and maintenance of our equipment and uniforms. We have an outdoor, Olympic-size pool, eight lighted tennis courts, two lighted softball fields, a lighted baseball stadium, a 2,200-seat gymnasium, and a 3,200-seat stadium which features a natural turf infield and an all-weather track. We also have three separate strength and conditioning facilities and a golf driving range on campus.

What are the requirements for participation?

Additional requirements are needed for students transferring in from another community college. More information can be obtained from your coach, the athletic department (582-4547), or the academic adviser for athletes (582-4477).

What classes should I register for?

During the season of sport, most athletic teams will have a corresponding 1-unit conditioning class in addition to the 2-unit intercollegiate athletic (IA) class.

What other opportunities are there in athletics?

In addition to being an athlete, Saddleback also trains students for careers associated with athletics. Programs are available to train students in athletic training, sports information, equipment maintenance and repair, game management, athletic administration, coaching, radio broadcasting, and newspaper sportswriting.

What sports are offered at Saddleback College?

If you are interested in participating in one of these sports and would like to contact the coach, please contact the Saddleback athletic department at (949) 582-4547.

When are tryouts for the athletic teams?

Tryouts vary by sport and you should contact the head coach of the sport you are interested in before the season begins as most programs have a conditioning program in the off-season. Practice for the fall sports begins August 15. Practice for basketball begins October 15. And practice for the spring sports begins on January 15.

Why should I play sports at a community college?

For many athletes, this is the end of the line. They will have had the opportunity to take their athletic careers one step further than high school, completing their athletic careers at Saddleback and focusing on their academics at the 4-year level.
For others, its a chance to add to the exposure they received in high school and improve on their scholarship offers.
And for others, it's a way of proving their athletic abilities at the college level.
Saddleback participates in the Mission Football Conference and the Orange Empire Conference in all other sports. These are two of the toughest conference's in the nation and college recruiters know that someone competing and having success at this level is ready and able to step in and perform well at the NCAA Division I level.
Academically, the education is usually better at the community college level . . . and at a fraction of the cost. Community college instructors are not burdened with research projects or publishing requirements and can devote more attention to their classes and their students.