Kathleen Johnson-Audette

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(949) 582-4900 x3600
Associate Faculty
Social Sciences
Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Saddleback College

California State University, Fullerton, CA
Major:  Sociology
Degree:  MA 2006

California State University, Fullerton, CA
Major:  Sociology
Degree:  BA 2003

Kathy Johnson-Audette has been teaching at Saddleback College since 2006.  Prior to joining Saddleback College, Kathy acquired more than fifteen years of management experience in the aerospace and real estate industries.  She has also had the opportunity to teach at Cal. State Fullerton.

In her spare? time, Kathy enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her two daughters and her four grandchildren, Caleb 6 mos., Daniel 3, Jesse 6, and Kyleigh 8.

Philosophy of Teaching

I believe that instructors should develop a learning environment that is relevant to, and reflective of, their students’ social and cultural experiences. They should act as guides, mediators, consultants, instructors, and advocates for the students, helping to effectively connect their culture and community to the classroom learning experience. I encourage my students to write about and share their own family traditions and culture, and incorporate student lead discussion groups into the classroom experience.

Instruction and learning today need to take place in an environment that encourages multicultural viewpoints and allows for inclusion of knowledge that is relevant to the individual student. As a sociologist, I understand there is more than one way to interpret a statement, event or social phenomenon. I encourage my students to learn in different ways, and share different viewpoints and perspectives based upon their own cultural and social experiences. In this way students are empowered and become active participants in their own learning.

I operationalize learning by utilizing technology in the classroom.  You Tube, the internet and on-line exercises are part of my curriculum.  I also incorporate issues and topics that are related to the students’ backgrounds and culture, and challenge the students to develop higher-order knowledge and skills. I utlilize resources other than textbooks for study, as I frequently bring newspaper and magazine articles to class to promote alternative viewpoints.

Teaching Experience

Social Problems
Introduction to Sociology
Social Psychology

Scholastic Interests

Gender studies
Womens studies
Aging in society
Death and dying
Family violence