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ESL Department

The Saddleback College ESL faculty is made up of 4 full-time faculty members, 2 emeritus faculty, and many part-time faculty members. All our instructors are here to help our students learn English, so please feel free to contact us!

Full-Time Faculty

Janet Bagwell Send email to Staff Member Bander Profile

BagwellJanet Bagwell received her BS from Duquesne University, a teaching credential from University of Pittsburgh, and her MS in Education with a concentration in Reading and Language Arts as well as a Reading Specialist Credential from California State University, Fullerton. She continued her education at UCI where she received a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. In addition to teaching at Saddleback, Janet has been a lecturer at California State University, Fullerton where she taught undergraduate and graduate reading classes.

Janet has had the opportunity to work with ESL students as an instructor in the Saddleback Reading Lab and is excited to join the ESL Department and have the opportunity to work with ESL students in the classroom. She thoroughly enjoys meeting students from many cultures and helping them to learn English in order to reach their goals. When she’s not in the classroom or Reading Lab, Janet spends her time reading, engaging in outdoor activities, and playing with her five grandchildren.

Carol Bander Send email to Staff Member Bander Profile

BanderCarol Bander has been teaching German and ESL at Saddleback College since 1977. As her parents were refugees and she grew up bilingually, she brings an extra layer of understanding to her students' situation. She graduated with a B.A. in German from Queens College, City University of New York (Phi Beta Kappa) and with an M.A. and Ph.D. in German from the University of Southern California. She also received her ESL Certificate and secondary credential from the University of California at Irvine. She has been very involved with CATESOL, having served as President, Past President, President-elect, Secretary and the inaugural Chapter Council Chair at the state level. She continues to serve on conference committees and at the local chapter level. She has over 50 publications in the CATESOL News on ESL related issues. She loves teaching grammar and pronunciation and has served on and off as Department Coordinator and Chair. Her interests include reading, movies, theater, cooking (with a Cordon Bleu degree), but most of all, she is a passionate traveler having visited 100 countries.

Stevie Daniels Send email to Staff Member

Stevie has been teaching in the California community college system for eighteen years and has an MA in Linguistics with an ESL option and a BS degree in Criminology with a Law Enforcement option both from Fresno State University. For seventeen years, she served at Fresno City College as an ESL/Linguistics professor and as Coordinator of Academic Computing. She has taught a wide array of ESL, VESL, and Linguistics courses in both the face-to-face and online venues. Her specialty is developing vocational and academic ESL courses that co-articulate with other disciplines across campus. Stevie has presented numerous sessions on integrating technology into the college curriculum at conferences such as CATESOL, TechEd, the Monterey Summer Technology Institute, @One, and the Universal Design for Learning. She loves to incorporate the use of technology in her teaching to create a lively, interesting, and interactive learning environment for her students. She is a firm believer in adult learning principles where students help create their own learning opportunities and share them with other classmates. She believes humor and fun are necessary parts of these learning opportunities.

Stevie has traveled to foreign countries such as Korea, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. She is bilingual in English and American Sign Language and appreciates when her students try to teach her new words from their first language. Besides traveling, Stevie likes to go boogie boarding, hiking, and biking with her family. She is an avid animal lover and vegetarian, and when time allows, she likes to work with animal rescue agencies.

Chin Lam Send email to Staff Member

Chin LamChin Lam has a M.A. in Applied Linguistics and TESL and a B.A. in Linguistics and Anthropology, both from UCLA. She has been an ESL instructor since 2001, and began teaching at Saddleback College in 2009. Before coming to Saddleback, she was an ESL instructor at UCI Extension, UCLA Extension, and various community colleges. Chin remains active in the field of ESL by attending and presenting at conferences. She has been a member of TESOL and CATESOL for many years. Chin understands how important ESL classes are to her students, especially since her family were first generation immigrants to this country. Chin enjoys learning languages and speaks a few dialects of Chinese and some Vietnamese and Spanish. In her free time, Chin enjoys seeing the world, eating food from different cultures, and trying to exercise.



Roni Lebauer Send email to Staff Member

LebauerRoni Lebauer has an M.A. in TESL from the University of Hawaii and a B.A. in Applied Linguistics from Queens College of the City University of New York. Her 30+ years in the profession have given her a range of experiences. This has included teaching ESL in the U.S., teaching EFL abroad, training teachers in the U.S. and abroad, presenting at conferences, and writing textbooks. She has been at Saddleback College since 1990. She also spent 8 years developing and teaching ESL at UC Irvine.  Way back when, she spent almost 2 years teaching at the University of Kabul in Afghanistan. She has trained teachers in a number of places: at UC Irvine, in American Samoa, in Micronesia, in Brazil, in Poland, and in Japan. She is also the author of 6 different ESL textbooks.

Roni Lebauer thoroughly enjoys teaching. It was her curiosity about travel and other cultures that initially got her interested in teaching ESL, and she feels lucky to have an opportunity to learn from her students as well as teach them. She feels that one of the most important tasks of an ESL teacher is to create an environment in the classroom where everyone feels respected and motivated and comfortable. She wants each student to feel that time in her class is time well-spent, personally and academically. During her free time, Roni explores a number of interests, such as, hiking, painting, and going to art, music, and theatre events. And, of course, as would be expected of an ESL teacher, she loves to travel and read…. and eat great food from different traditions!

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus faculty are professors who were full-time faculty at Saddleback College but have retired from full-time work. Many emeritus faculty still teach part-time here at Saddleback.


Cheryl Altman Send email to Staff Member Bander Profile

Cheryl AltmanCheryl Altman joined Saddleback College in August of 1989. As a faculty member her responsibilities have included teaching Reading and English as a Second Language; Chair of the Reading Department; Coordinator of the Reading Lab; Coordinator of Title III Grant, Activity I; Coordinator of Saddleback’s Basic Skills Initiative; Facilitator for SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes); Academic Senator; former member of the State Academic Senate's Committee on Basic Skills. Professor Altman retired from full-time teaching but continues to teach part-time at Saddleback College. Prior to teaching full-time at Saddleback College, Professor Altman was an Associate Professor at Saddleback College, Santa Ana College and Harper Rainey College in Illinois. In her leisure time she enjoys traveling, gardening, hiking, watching old movies, and reading, reading, reading.

Kathleen Smith Send email to Staff MemberKathleen Smith

Kathleen Smith has been teaching at Saddleback College since 1979 and has served the ESL Department in a variety of different capacities including Department Chair. She has an M.A. in TESL from the University of Southern California and a B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley. Her previous experience includes teaching ESL to Indo-Chinese Refugees, EFL to Italian students in Italy, and teaching for Santa Ana Unified School District, Laguna Hills and UCI Extension. She is a member of CATESOL and TESOL and has given presentations on various aspects of teaching ESL at CATESOL, TESOL and MEXTESL in Puebla and Ensenada, Mexico. She has lived abroad and has a basic ability in Spanish, French and some Italian.

Professor Smith retired from full-time teaching, but continues to teach part-time at Saddleback College. She loves teaching and especially enjoys the opportunity to learn from her students about their different cultures while helping them to develop the language skills they need. She regards teaching ESL students as a great privilege and wants her students to feel respected and comfortable in her classroom. During her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, exploring new cultures and languages, taking photographs, writing and discovering new literature.

Part-Time Faculty

Helen Alexander Send email to Staff Member


Helen Alexander loves learning, and has B.A.s in English Language and Literature and French, her Master's of Education with a concentration in TESOL from Cal State Fullerton, and a Postsecondary Reading and Learning Certificate, which makes her a specialist in the reading and study skills needs of adults and college students.

Helen has taught a variety of classes to both native and non-native speakers at the post-secondary level. She has also worked as an academic coach to graduate students, helping them build and refine reading, writing, and study skills through workshops and one-to-one appointments.

Helen specializes in teaching critical thinking to both native and non-native speakers, and she is very active in professional organizations, having presented on her ESL work at the statewide CATESOL conference held in Long Beach, California, as well as on her developmental skills work at the College Reading and Learning Association's national conference in San Diego.

Bob Betts Send email to Staff Member


My name is Robert Betts, and I have been teaching ESL here at Saddleback College since 1997. I am originally from Los Angeles, but I moved to Orange County in 1990. I have been an ESL teacher since 1989. I studied English Literature at UC Santa Barbara (BA) and then Teaching ESL at CSU Fullerton (MS). Spanish is my second language, and I lived in Mexico for one year to study the language and culture. I love my job because teaching is such a rewarding occupation! See you in class!



Anhvy Do Send email to Staff Member

Anhvy DoAnhvy Do completed her B.A. at U.C. Riverside and her M.A. at Cal State University, Fullerton. She has taught English and ESL since 1996, teaching various levels. In her free time, she loves traveling and has visited Italy, Scotland, England, Spain, France, Germany, Hawaii, and Thailand. Although going abroad is wonderful, she makes sure to take yearly trips up California’s coast, stopping in Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, and San Francisco.





Ricia Doren Send email to Staff Member

DorenRicia grew up in New York City, loving the diversity and excitement of a great multicultural society. She received degrees in history, education, and TESOL at SUNY, Hunter College, and U.C.I., and studied French in Paris, Chinese language and history at the University of Washington, and Spanish at various educational institutions around the country. After getting her master's degree, she worked as a teacher and educational consultant in New York City, and later as a research assistant and editor at Stanford University. On moving to Orange County in 1984, she experienced the 'culture shock' of living in a much less culturally diverse setting, and shortly afterward embarked on a now long career teaching wonderful students from around the world. She considers herself blessed to be teaching and learning from her students. Ricia continues her interests in art, yoga and constant learning and lives in Laguna Beach with her charming cat Bodhi.


Denise Dowling Send email to Staff Member



Teri FitzMaurice Send email to Staff Member

FitzMauriceTeri received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and her Master of Science degree in Education, with a specialization in Reading from California State University, Fullerton. After twelve years of teaching elementary school, she began working at Saddleback College in the Reading Lab (1999). She especially enjoyed helping second language learners improve their literacy skills in English, so she went back to school, and earned a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) from the University of California, Irvine.

Teri enjoys teaching ESL students because she learns so much from their stories and experiences. She admires their determination and desire to study the English language. Teri is passionate about the creative arts, especially the written word, and loves sharing this passion with her students. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking, and yoga. Teri is very happy and proud to be part of the Reading and ESL departments at Saddleback College.

Annie Gilbert Send email to Staff Member

Annie GilbertAnnie Gilbert has a M.A. in Second Language Education from McGill University in Canada, a B.A. in French Teaching and a TESL Certificate. Since the beginning of her career in 1996, she has taught ESL, TEFL or French in Canada, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. She currently teaches ESL at the School of Continuing Education at Cypress College and at UCI Extension in the summer. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, she understands the challenges that immigrants face and she strives to create lessons based on the goals and needs of her students. She received the School of Continuing Education Teacher of the Year Award in 2008 and was nominated Orange County College Teacher of the Year in 2009. When she is not teaching, she spends her time with her husband and young daughter. Her hobbies are yoga, learning new technologies, traveling and improving her Spanish.



Eva Hodjera Send email to Staff Member

Hodjera Eva Hodjera was born in Munich, Germany, of Western European parents. She got her MA in German Language and Literature from the University of Southern California and her Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of California at Irvine. Her love of travel and curiosity about other cultures have taken her to many parts of the globe including China, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and India. She lived and taught English in Switzerland for many years before returning to the States and teaching at Saddleback College, where she has been since 1992. She finds her work in this field extremely rewarding especially because she likes connecting students with their environment and community, and also because it connects her with the world of her students. In her free time, she hikes, travels, reads, and meditates.



Janice (Dianne) Jensen Send email to Staff Member

After receiving her M.A. in English from California State University, Fullerton, (Dianne) Janice Jensen began teaching freshman English and vocational reading. At that time, there was a significant influx of immigrant students to California and she began teaching ESL in the Refugee Project at Santa Ana College and ESL at Saddleback College. She has taught at all levels but she especially enjoys the Advanced Academic Reading and Writing classes. She has also been the editor of the International Voice, an ESL student publication, for seven issues. She is excited about the next phase of the International Voice which will be on line. Writers - stay tuned.


Diane Lavigne-Barlow  Send email to Staff Member

Lavigne-BarlowDiane Lavigne-Barlow has an MS in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from CSUF. She has taught ESL at UCI and Concordia University, as well as Saddleback College. She also studied literature and linguistics, and completed the master’s degree coursework in linguistics at Laval University, where she taught several classes. She has always been fascinated by other cultures and languages. She initially started teaching French at Saddleback College, but decided to get an additional degree to teach ESL because she felt that her personal experience learning the English language could serve as an inspiration for her students. She loves teaching language and is grateful to have the opportunity to get to know the many wonderful students she meets in her classes. She loves humor, reading, cooking and eating, and she spends most weekends sailing and enjoying nature.


Dolores Schultz Send email to Staff Member

With degrees in English and History, Certificates in Creative Writing and a partial psych, I began teaching in 1973-4 at the 6th grade level, but weak in New math, science, music, I quickly realized I could not do the students justice and moved on to Adult Ed. teaching Creative Writing. The Adult Ed supervisor asked me to develop a course on something new to the U.S.: Hospice, so I did. Golden West College invited me to lecture medical personnel on Death and Dying. In 1978, Saddleback hired me to help develop under Mike Merrifield an innovative tutorial program - Learning Assistance Program. Mike did the fancy footwork; I did the tutoring and the grunt work. Mike wanted summer classes for kids - I developed College for Kids; Mike wanted a SAT tutorial, so I did that. A few years later, the angels smiled, again, and Carol Bander brought me into the English as a Second Language Department.


Katherine Sleep Send email to Staff Member

SleepKatherine Sleep got her MA in ESL from the University of Hawaii and her BA in Linguistics and Italian from the University of New Hampshire. As a university student, she studied several languages and also spent time working in Europe and completing a translation degree in Florence, Italy. Now she enjoys showing ESL students how the English language works so that they can gain the language skills they need to reach their goals. In her free time, she has fun experimenting in her garden or enjoying the beauty of Orange County beaches and trails.