English as a Second Language (ESL) Department

The ESL Department has many courses for non-native English speakers. Our classes are for students who plan to take college classes and also for those who want to improve their overall English ability. We offer classes at the beginning, intermediate, advanced, and college level. Our unique curriculum allows you to create a program that meets your needs, and classes are offered mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Our "core courses" are our Multi-skills courses, which focus on all language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) at beginning, intermediate, advanced levels. Multi-skills courses meet six hours week.

Our "elective courses" help you improve specific language skills, and they meet three hours a week. We offer Writing, Conversation, Pronunciation, Grammar, Listening and Note-taking, American Literature, Writing for Work, Idioms and Expressions, and more. With careful scheduling, you can even build an intensive English program at any level by taking a combination of Multi-skills courses and elective courses.

Saddleback's ESL classes are different from almost every college in the state because we give you the option to take each of our classes either for credit or for 0-units (non-credit). If you take a class for non-credit, then your class will be completely free (except for a Health fee, required by the college, as well as books and materials that the course may require).

ESL students also have access to our Language Lab to enrich the ESL curriculum for greater learning. The language lab includes a variety of  computer programs to help students practice their English outside of class. Some of our writing and grammar courses use the language lab as a co-requisite. For more information about prerequisite clearances and corequisite concerns, please visit the webpage.

Our ESL faculty consists of instructors who have acquired at least a Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or a related field. Others are published authors, have acquired a Ph.D. in the field, or frequently present at conferences; all have the desire to help you learn English and have the resources and passion to do so!

Students who wish to enroll in ESL courses must complete testing at Saddleback College; other college test results are not accepted. Click here for information regarding ESL assessment scheduling and testing information: ESL Assessment Schedule & Testing Information

For more information about how to register for classes, click here: 
Getting Started: How Do I Sign Up for ESL Classes?

ESL Career Flyer

ESL Career Flyer

With experienced teachers, exciting and informative classes, and skills to help you expand your work and personal opportunities, ESL provides a supportive place for you to grow linguistically and culturally, learning from others as much as they will learn from you. For more information, contact Julie McGirr.
ESL Career Flyer

Julie McGirr redman

Summer ESL Department Chair
E-mail: jmcgirr@saddleback.edu


Stevie Daniels redman

Fall ESL Department Chair
ESL Lab Services Coordinator

Office: BGS 102
Email: sdaniels@saddleback.edu

Julie McGirr redman

Summer ESL Department Chair
Office: BGS 303
Email: jmcgirr@saddleback.edu