Faculty Information/Docs/Forms

Absence Reporting

Please report all absences to the Liberal Arts Division at (949) 582-4788 at your earliest convenience to ensure timely posting of class dismissed signs and accurate absence forms. The Liberal Arts Division is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Do not call the division assistants.

If the office is closed, please leave a detailed message.
In addition, notify Campus Police at (949) 582-4585.

For the convenience of your students, please send them an email.

Absence reporting, as well as important contacts, are listed on the LA Faculty Card.

Documents and Forms


Course Syllabus
All faculty members must prepare a course syllabus for each course, which includes the information contained in the Course Syllabus Requirements document. An electronic copy of the course syllabus must be submitted to the Liberal Arts Division during Faculty In-Service Week. Send English and Reading Department copies to Khaver Akhter at kakhter@saddleback.edu and ESL, Humanities, International Languages, Journalism, and Philosophy Departments to Giziel Leftwich at gleftwich@saddleback.edu. In addition, faculty must distribute a copy to each student at the first class meeting.

Office Hours and Committee Assignments (FT Faculty Only)
Full-time faculty members must submit their office hours and committee assignments to the division at the beginning of each semester.

Inappropriate/Disruptive Student Behavior 
The Liberal Arts Division encourages our faculty to consider sending an email to a student observed acting in ways that disrupt the classroom learning environment. An email memorializes a faculty person's concerns and allows issues to be addressed privately, without the student feeling/perceiving that she/he has been embarrassed in front of the class (a common complaint among students). The email further allows you to make clear why the behavior of the class is disruptive to student learning and to indicate consquences should the behavior continue. The link below includes a template, as well as sample email, with the essential topics that should be contained in such an email:

Study Abroad Program Forms
In order to offer a study abroad program, the faculty member must submit a study abroad program information summary report, an electronic copy of the vendor proposal in Word, and three competitive bids, as well as an explanation as to why they selected one vendor over the others to be incorporated into the board agenda item. In addition, the faculty member must provide the vendor contact information for the last page of the travel contractor agreement. These items must be received at least one week prior to the President's deadlines. Upon receipt, the division will prepare the study abroad program packet for board approval.

Prior to departing, the faculty member must submit a waiver form for each student to the division.

Teaching Assignment Request Form (TAR)
To be considered for a teaching assignment, current faculty members must submit a Teaching Assignment Request (TAR) to the division by the deadlines indicated on the forms below:

  • Summer 2015 TARs FT and PT
  • Fall 2015 TARs FT and PT
  • Spring 2016 TARs FT and PT


Commonly used college forms and documents used by faculty and staff are available at Saddleback College Documents and Forms.

College Letterhead
Saddleback College letterhead is available in the division office (LRC 344) during normal business hours, as well as the division mailroom (LRC 333) 24/7. In addition, an electronic version is posted below:

Committee Interest Form
Full-time faculty members must serve on a committee to fulfill their one (1) hour per week of committee and/or college service obligation. The Committee Interest Form is due to the division before the first day of classes.

Conduct Violation
Use the college Referral for Student Conduct Violation form to refer student conduct code violations to the Office of the Vice President for Student Services. The form was updated on 5/20/13, but is not yet available under Saddleback College Documents and Forms.


The District has a number of forms that are not public and can only be accessed by faculty, staff, and administrators through MySite. To access these forms, log into MySite and select My Work/Employee Services/ Documents.

Commonly used HR and Payroll forms and documents used by faculty, staff, and administrators are available at:

Part-time Teaching Positions

For information on potential part-time teaching positions, please visit Human Resources Jobs. The Department Chairs will review the online applications on an as needed basis.