Freshman Advantage Program


The Freshman Advantage Program is designed for new incoming freshman of any age that will be attending Saddleback College in the Fall 2015 Semester. This program offers new freshman the opportunity to apply early, complete the Matriculation Process early, receive an Early Freshman Advantage Registration time, and enroll in classes before the majority of continuing students. Students that complete the mandatory steps 1 - 5 below by May 15, 2015 are eligible for these benefits. 

Freshman Advantage Packets available now! Download your packet here.

Mandatory Freshman Advantage Steps

(Steps 1-5 must be completed prior to May 15, 2015)

STEP #1 Freshman Advantage Application


The Freshman Advantage Application period opens December 1, 2014.


The Freshman Advantage application is available Dec. 1st to all new incoming freshman that would like to attend Saddleback College in the Fall 2015 semester.

STEP #2 Complete the New Student Online Orientation


Click on the following link if you would like more information about the Saddleback College New Student Orientation or click on the image below to be directed to the Orientation.


STEP #3 Select a Testing Date or Attend a Walk-In Testing Session


Click on the image below to be directed to your MySite student portal where you can make an appointment for the assessment exams. If you need help making your appointment please click here to print out the appointment help guide.


Freshman Advantage test dates - These dates are only for Freshman Advantage students.

Walk-In assessment sessions are avaliable most Mondays - Thursdays for all students between the hours of 9am - 1:30pm.

STEP #4 Attend Your Testing Appointment


village-map.pngAttend Your Assessment Appointment! Arrive early and you must bring a photo ID, and know your Saddleback College student ID number. If you miss your assigned testing date, please repeat Step 3 listed above. Freshman Advantage tests are limited so please select a date you are able to attend.

STEP #5 Student Advisement and First Semester Plan


Click on the following link if you would like more information about the Student Advisement and First Semester Ed Plan or click on one of the image below to be directed to that section in your MySite.

oa_button.jpg    +    first-semester-plan-110x80.jpg

Register For Classes in July!

Check your registration date and time in your MySite on or after June 16, 2015 and Register for your classes starting the first week in July. Check all other dates and deadlines on the Admissions website.

Optional but Highly Recommended Steps

(Can be completed anytime before or after May 15, 2015)

Apply for Financial Aid

Visit the Saddleback College Financial Aid website to complete your FAFSA at

Challenge or Appeal your Placement

Are you happy with your placement levels in Math and/or English?
If not, NOW is the time to take advantage of the Challenge and Appeal process. You can challenge your math placement with your high school transcripts to try for a higher placement and take the Writing Sample Appeal exam to try for a higher placement in English.

Attend Freshman Advantage Fridays Feb-June

Come and participate in a face to face half-day orientation! You will tour the campus, learn of support programs and services that will help you as a new college student be successful and work with a counselor to complete an educational plan. Parents are encouraged to attend and can participate in a Financial Aid Information workshop.

Freshman Advantage Fridays