New Student Online Orientation

This new student orientation will provide information about Saddleback College's student services and special programs. The orientation is available online and is mandatory for all students required to complete the Matriculation Process. You will receive Matriculation credit for this step if you start the orientation from either your Permit to Register email from Admissions and Records or from with-in your MySite only.

Note: Your computer must have the latest version of Adobe Flash to open the Orientation. If you are having problems viewing the Orientation please download Adobe Flash here: get_flash.png

How to Access the Orientation While in MySite:

Please review the following steps to log-in to your MySite and start the Online Orientation. You may click on either link to start the Orientation. You must know your Student ID number and PIN Code to access your MySite (if you don't have these items please call the Admissions and Records office at 949-582-4555 for instructions on how to obtain them.

  1. Click on the link that was provided in your "Permit To Register" email that you received after you applied to Saddleback College.
  2. Click on the following link to be directed right to the Online Orientation page in your MySite: Go Directly to the Online Orientation
  3. While in your MySite, follow the instructions below:
  • Click on the link that reads: My Information
  • Click on the link that reads: Matriculation
  • Click on the link that reads: Online Orientation

Note: After clicking on one of the Orientation links, you may see a RED screen for about 30 to 60 seconds while the Orientation loads.

Completing the Online Orientation for Matriculation:

You will need to answer 10 different questions and complete all 6 sections of the Orientation. Once you have answered all the questions in a section you will see a check mark on the main menu screen. (see image below)

Saddleback College Orientation

Completing the Online Orientation as a Guest:

If you are NOT a Saddleback College student and do not have a student ID number you may enter the Online Orientation as a guest.