MANYA: A Living History of Marie Curie

Friday, September 5, 2014 - 10:30am
McKinney Theatre
The Division of Mathematics, Science & Engineering at Saddleback College will kick off the sixth season of the Science Lecture Series on Friday, September 5, at 10:30 am with a special performance of MANYA: A Living History of Marie Curie in the McKinney Theatre. Actress Susan Marie Frontczak brings literature to life in this dramatization of famed scientist and two-time Nobel laureate Marie Curie.
This one-woman act exposes the struggles and triumphs of Madame Marie Curie – an academically impassioned, Polish scientist, mother, and teacher. Set in 1915 and wrapped in the context of the outset of the Great War, this program spans childhood memories, scientific discoveries, honors, romance, pain of losing loved ones and emergence. Audiences will re-live the remarkable collaboration between husband and wife, Pierre and Marie, companion scientists.
Program includes door prizes, a brief intermission, and a Q&A with the actor following her performance. Refreshments will be served outside of the theater entrance at 9:30 am.