Deadline Extended: ASG Special Topic Grant Process

Dear Faculty, Staff, Administrators & Managers,

The 2013-2014 Associated Student Government (ASG) of Saddleback College is proud to announce our third annual Special Topic Grant process. The Special Topic Grants are designed to award new and innovative campus programming that directly benefits student success. ASG works to encourage the generation of new ideas and temporary semester-long areas of focus for campus programs, events, and initiatives. A total of $10,000 is available to be awarded to this project. Individual grant applications must not exceed $1,000.

ASG’s Spring 2014 special topics are Peer to Peer Mentoring and Career Workshops and Speaker Opportunities.

1. (5) $1,000.00 Grants - The Peer to Peer Mentoring Grants are designed to assist students in social, personal, and academic acclimation at Saddleback College. Mentoring can be defined as a supportive relationship between an experienced student and a student requiring support in transition and adaptation to college. The purpose of having a mentoring relationship in college is to assist students with the challenges associated with the college experience. The grant will provide academic, personal, social, procedural, and motivational encouragement support for participating students during the challenging years of college. In addition to providing support, mentors can also connect their mentees to the student services departments across Saddleback College. Mentors must have an eager willingness to commit, learn, listen, and most specifically care for their mentee.

2. (5) $1,000.00 Grants - The Career Workshops and Speaker Opportunity Grants are designed to assist students in realizing their long term educational goals, as they relate to their future career endeavor(s). The grant will provide students with academic, personal, procedural, and real world experience by promoting collaboration with working professionals in a variety of creative ways. In addition to providing students with the tools and real world experience needed to succeed in their respective careers, the grants will also encourage students to make their career and educational goals a reality.

ASG’s intention with regard to choosing these topics is to prompt the creation of substantive and rich peer mentoring opportunities between students on campus as well as with working professionals. ASG, per Board Policy, can’t fund instructional supplies so any explicitly instructionally-related opportunities will not be eligible for these grants. Our hope is that campus partners will come forward to present ideas on programs, events, and initiatives that will directly benefit the students of Saddleback College and provide a space to learn outside of the classroom. Thank you for your application and for your interest in supporting student involvement at Saddleback College!

Apply here on or before January 15, 2014: /asg/asg-special-topic-grant-process

Bahman Sabahi, ASG President
Jonathan Stephens, ASG Director of Budget & Finance