High School Seniors: Apply Now and Register Earlier for Fall 2014 Classes

Attention high school seniors: Apply now and get an earlier registration date for Fall 2014 classes. Don't miss joining the Freshman Advantage program -- it will help you enroll in your classes sooner and increase your chances of getting the classes you want! Vist www.saddleback.edu/matriculation for details. 

The Freshman Advantage Program is designed for all graduating high school seniors planning to attend Saddleback College in fall 2014. This program offers high school seniors the opportunity to apply for admission and matriculate early. Those who do so will receive a Freshman Advantage Early Registration time and enroll in their classes before most currently enrolled Saddleback College students.  All matriculation services (online orientation, in person assessment and online advisement) must be completed before May 15, 2014.

Call (949) 582-4970 or visit www.saddleback.edu/matriculation for more information.