New Priority Registration Guidelines Implemented for California Community Colleges

Please be advised that new state regulations have mandated priority registration changes for all community colleges in California.  These changes will be effective beginning in fall 2014 and will give registration priority to students who have completed orientation and assessments, developed an education plan with a counselor, and are in good academic standing.

Under the new regulations, two groups of students will lose their priority registration status and will be among the last to enroll: students who are on probation for two consecutive terms (fall/spring, summer/fall, etc.) and students who have earned more than 100 degree-applicable units. 

If you are concerned that your current academic standing may affect your registration status, or would like information on orientation, assessment, and creating an academic plan, please visit /matriculation/.

For more information about the Student Success Task Force, click here.

Click below to view a video from the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office about the change in priority enrollment.