Basic Skills Initiative

The State defines "Basic Skills" as "those foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, learning skills, study skills and English as a Second Language which are necessary for students to succeed in college level work."

The State Chancellors' Office defines and aligns its BSI funding specific to students in 300 level courses of English, Math, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Reading.


The mission of Saddleback College’s Basic Skills Initiative is to explore, identify, and address the needs of basic skills students. BSI funding allocations directly support a coordinated expansion of academic and student support services that will facilitate the successful transition of basic skills students into college-level coursework.

Approved as of January 29th 2015: BSI Mission and Core Values

BSI Co-Chairs for 2017 - 2018

Co-Chair:  Marina Aminy, Dean OELR
Co-Chair:  Carrie Goulding, English Composition Instructor

BSI Support

Project Specialist: Laura Harris
Telephone Extension: (949) 348-6196

BSI Project Information

Additional Funding Sources: Student Equity and DSPS can and will be used to augment BSI projects that align with their criteria.

Statewide Basic Skills Report: Due on August 30, 2017

Saddleback College Statistics

BSI Meeting Dates/Highlights for 2017 - 2018

BSI meetings for 2017-2018 will be held in AGB 106 (President's Conference Room) from 3:00pm to 4:30 pm.

Monday, August 14 - During Professional Development Week. General meeting and the first of the 17/18 academic year. BGS 250 12:00 pm to 12:50 pm

The Basic Skills Initiative committee has supported many critical projects at the college,
including an interdisciplinary “Completing College Conference,” embedded tutoring, basic skills
technology resources, and professional development for instructors. Join us for the first fall meeting
of the BSI Committee to learn more about our college’s funding for basic skills students, implementation
of the grant, committee structure and plans for 2017-18. We will also share details for an exciting
spring conference supported by BSI. Please attend our first general meeting of the semester!
Presented by Marina Aminy, Ph.D., Dean, OELR and Carrie Goulding, LA and Co-chair of BSI Committee

Meeting Dates for Fall 2017

  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 9

Meeting Dates for Spring 2018

  • February 15
  • March 15
  • April 12

BSI Resources

BSI Committee Members for 2017 - 2018

Marina Aminy, OELR Janet Bagwell, LA Jack Beckham, LA
Jessica Budica, LA Estella Castillo-Garrison, CE, E & K12  
Sarah Chang, Counseling Sang Choi, MSE Susan Donelson, CE, E & K12
Kim D'Arcy, OELR Michelle Duffy, LA Nancy Duong, MSE
Bruce Gilman, LA Frank Gonzalez, MSE Carrie Goulding, LA
Catherine Hayter, LA Christina Hinkle, SBS Michael Hoggatt, SE&SP
Leslie Humphrey-Quirk, Outreach Jennifer Klein, Research Jared Lessard, Research
Sumaya McCleave, MSE Julie McGirr, LA Kevin O'Connor, LA
Efren Rangel, SE&SP Maria Teresa Romero, SBS Kia Shafe, MSE
Kat Shaw, MSE Penny Skaff, Counseling Sharyn Sotelo, MSE
Cora Swanson, Classified Senate Lisa Tran, Counseling Truong Tran, Research
Deanna Valdez, MSE    

BSI Committee Members for 2016 - 2017

Marina Aminy, OELR Janet Bagwell, LA Jack Beckham, LA
Sheryl Christensen, Counseling Susan Donelson, CE, E & K12 Michelle Duffy, LA
Bruce Gilman, LA Carrie Goulding, LA Catherine Hayter, LA
Christina Hinkle, SBS Michael Hoggatt, TCSP Leslie Humphrey-Quirk, Outreach
Sumaya McCleave, MSE Julie McGirr, LA Kevin O'Connor, LA
Maria Teresa Romero, SBS Penny Skaff, CS Cora Swanson, Academic Senate
Lisa Tran, CS Deanna Valdez, MSE Cadence Wynter, FAMT

Pertinent Reading Materials for Basic Skills

Basic Skills Completion

A Guide to Transforming Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges, Inside and Outside the Classroom.

Saddleback College - Five Year Cycle - BSI Student Success and Retention Rates

Basic Skills Student Support and Resources

California Community College Chancellor's Office - Basic Skills Progress Tracker

BSI Goals for 2011 - 2018

Saddleback College BSI is committed to the following goals:

  • COURSES/SLO’s:  Support  Basic Skills departments such as Reading, ESL, English and Math to improve the success rates of SLO’s in Basic Skills courses, including evaluating, assessing and revising course curriculum and offerings. 

  • FACULTY:  Support faculty and content area experts to develop innovative programs and curriculum within departments to improve learning and retention among Basic Skills students.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Provide professional development to all faculty and classified staff working with Basic Skills students, with opportunities to improve teaching, learning, support services, retention and other strategies for success based on good practices and current theories for learning.

  • CROSS-DEPARTMENTAL COLLABORATION:  Facilitate collaboration between departments to improve support services, retention and success for Basic Skills students.

  • INSTITUTIONAL COLLABORATION:  Foster greater collaboration and alignment between administrative/service departments (matriculation, counseling, tutoring labs, etc.) and academic departments to insure greater consistency, retention and success for Basic Skills students.

  • SUPPORT SERVICES:  Survey and evaluate current support services for Basic Skills students (such as tutoring, placement, matriculation, transfer, etc.) to determine:  effectiveness, need for restructuring  and/or need for additional services

BSI Projects for 2017-2018

Approved projects and allocations
Allocations include related payroll benefits

BSI Projects for 2017-2018

Project Coordinator(s) Approved Total

AHE (Avid for Higher Education) Practicum

Tina Jenkins $22,500

English 390 Workshops/Training

Carrie Goulding $20,000

Basic Skills Summit/Conference

Carrie Goulding $25,000

English Professional Learning Council (PLC)

Jake Williams $20,000

Math Embedded Tutoring

Deanna Valdez $5,000

Project Specialist Support

Marina Aminy $30,000

Open Education Resources (OER)

Nicole Major and Jennifer Pakula $20,500

English Department Retreat

Jack Beckham $715

Teaching Developing Writers

Carrie Goulding $14,000

Math Community Outreach

Patrick Quigley $2,400

Basic Skills Tutoring

Kim D'Arcy $110,000
CPR Retreat Catherine Hayter, Sumaya McCleave $12,000

Bridging the AVID Experience

Michelle Duffy $400
California Acceleration Project Summer Institute Carrie Goulding $9,000
  Total $292,015

BSI Action Plans - Projects for 2016 - 2017

Please note that all BSI Project Coordinators will be expected to complete and submit an action plan by September 9, 2016

Project Name

Action Plans

Comprehension Lab Contracts & Assignments for the Social & Behavioral Sciences

Develop a series of lab contract/assignments designed to target
discipline specific comprehension activities that will improve students'
understanding, organizing and assimilating knowledge in the social and
behavioral sciences content areas.

ESL Certificates SLO Alignment and Exit Exam Creation

  Fall 2016:
1. Create five ESL Certificates of Competency: Beginning, Low-
Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced General, Advanced Academic.
2. Create SLOs for the 5 ESL Certificates. SLOs will reflect current ESL
course and program SLOs in terms that will clearly explain the English
language skills that a recipient of each certificate is expected to be able to demonstrate.
3. Submit Certificates to curriculum and state for approval.
Spring 2017:
Create exit exams for each ESL certificate.

PLC High School Students Success Visits

Fall 2016:
Review faculty orientation training materials and make necessary revisions to reflect new program content and ensure effectiveness/communication; 2) schedule an orientation for English faculty in the spring.
Spring 2017:
Presentations by English faculty and Outreach will begin. We will resume formal PLC meetings with college faculty, high school faculty, and Outreach to continue

Research Based Strategies for Teaching Developmental Writing

Work collaboratively with associate faculty to research and synthesize current theories and best practices in teaching developmental writing, using the text, Teaching Developmental Writing: Background Readings;
Collaboratively generate sample practices and lesson plans; Present research and sample strategies and lesson plans to faculty and
tutors and generate pedagogical resources that can be used to address the needs of developing writers.

Saddleback College Teaching and Learning Institute

Provide quality, on-campus professional development;
Provide opportunities for faculty across campus to meet and share work; Discuss high engagement teaching strategies for student support and retention;
Exchange effective and innovative teaching resources and ideas; Implementation of “best practices” techniques with opportunity for sharing and reflection.


Tools for Learning

Tools to support Learning Skills.

General Learning Skills

Online Tools Descriptions

Study Skills for Student Success

Here you will find tools to help make your textbook work for you, how to use a dictionary and more.
Various Study Techniques A variety of different study techniques that aide learning.
Effective Study Techniques Learn the SQR3 method for studying.
Time Management Learn effective ways to best organize time for studying.
Memorization Techniques Learn effective way to memorize class material.
Test Preparation Tools Tools to help prepare for tests.
How to Get the Most Out of Studying A video about how to get the most out of studying.
Khan Academy Learn almost anything.

English Learning Skills

English Tools Description
Writing a Research Paper Helpful tips for writing research papers.

Math Learning Skills

Math Tools Description
Math Exam Prep Information about preparing for Math Exams.
Algebra2go Instructor Larry Perez's website with helpful Algebra tips.
Success in Math Helpful Math study skills.

Are you looking for ways to support your students’ basic skills in the classroom and across curriculum? Using BSI funds, one of our English faculty members created a suite of short videos (2-4 minutes) that address common mistakes in student writing as well as potential strategies for success.  Our students enjoy these videos because they are brief and entertaining.


  • During class for an engaging and targeted explanation of basic skills
  • In Blackboard course shells to provide 24-hour access to lessons and remediation
  • As a tool or supplement when providing feedback on-site or on line

Please feel free to utilize these videos in your courses and with your students.

Embedded links to the videos can be found here:

The videos can be played from this webpage, or you can copy individual links from YouTube.