BSI Projects

Total BSI Allocation for 2014 - 2015 is projected to be $104,743.

BSI Projects for 2014 - 2015

Project Coordinator

Approved Total

Embedded Tutoring in Basic Skills English Courses

Marina Aminy $13,245
Accelerated Introduction to College Writing Carrie Goulding and Marina Aminy $3,091

Workshop for English and Reading Placement

Jeff Vogel and Penny Skaff


Embedded Tutoring for ESL Classes

Katherine Sleep and Stevie Daniels $12,607

Online Tools for Basic Instruction

Brett Myhren $6,413

English Professional Learning Council

Jack Beckham and  Carrie Goulding $4,684

Professional Development Practicum

Carrie Goulding and  Shellie Ochi

Academic Reading Practicum for Faculty Department Michelle Duffy $10,596
Vocabulary Modules for Social and Behavioral Sciences

Debbie Lombardi

Math Tutoring

Deanna Valdez, Sumaya McCleave and Sharyn Sotelo