Operational Support and Resources

Operational Support and Resources is a standing college committee composed of representatives from all college constituent groups. Vital to the Strategic Planning Process, it is responsible for developing recommended goals and strategies specific to the following areas of focus and strategic directions.

Areas of Focus

New Facilities Scheduled Maintenance Maintenance
Custodial Grounds Parking
Energy and Sustainability Equipment Technology
Transportation Campus Beautification Ergonomics
Classroom Set-up Facilities Usage Duplication

Strategic Directions

Improve Student Preparedness

Saddleback College will ensure that students gain the foundational skills necessary to complete college level work and achieve career goals.

Foster Innovation

Saddleback College will employ innovative teaching and technology to enhance instruction and student services.

Excel in College Transfers

Saddleback College will increase student transfers to four-year colleges and universities.

Enhance Resources

Saddleback College will improve its ability to expand and develop alternative sources of revenue to support college priorities.

Group Assignments and Activities:

On February 25, 2010, we reviewed and revised our strategies for Operational Support and Resources.

Review the final draft that was sent to Gretchen Bender on February 26th.

No future meetings are currently scheduled.


History of Goal and Strategies Setting

Area Goals (as of November 17th)
First Draft of SMART Goals (based on our November 17th meeting)
Final Recommended SMART Goals (as of December 4th)
First Draft of Recommended Strategies (as of February 11th)

Final Draft of Recommended Strategies (as of February 25th)

Meeting Dates Important Documents
  • No future meetings are scheduled at this point.

Highlights from Previous Meetings