Outreach Aides / Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors program is also housed out of the Outreach office. Student Ambassadors are student leaders who participate in high school and community outreach events, recruiting events and other campus events, give campus tours, conduct workshops and classroom presentations regarding the services that are offered to Saddleback College students. Student Ambassadors are students who provide help and accurate information for new students attending Saddleback.

 Benefits for becoming a Student Ambassador are:
  • Gain Leadership Experience - Develop leadership through training and conducting campus tours, sharing your enthusiasm and positive Saddleback College experiences with new or incoming students.
  • Gain Communication Skills - Help plan College events, participate in the promotion and advancement of the Student Ambassador Program.
  • Gain Volunteer Experience - Gain experience in the community by organizing volunteer opportunities for yourself and others.

In order to become a Student Ambassador one must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA at Saddleback College and submit the Application Form to The Student Outreach & Recruitment Office. (AGB 125).

Student Ambassadors

Saddleback College "Student Ambassadors" provide information regarding class and administrative office locations, parking information assistance and other campus information to all Saddleback College students during the first few weeks of each semester. Student Ambassadors are seasonal paid positions. For more information on becoming a Student Ambassador please contact the Student Outreach and Recruitment Office at 949-582-4218.



Hello! My name is Marco Madariaga and I'm an Outreach Aide/Student Ambassador. My goal is to pursue a degree in Chicano Studies and Communications, and eventually be a counselor. I graduated from Capistrano Valley High School in 2009. I'm here to assist incoming students with applying to Saddleback College, Financial Aid, and making the transition from high school to college easier. Feel free to contact me.



¡Hola! I am Madeline Hernandez, the Career Technical Education Project Specialist for the Outreach and Recruitment Department. I graduated from Mukwonago High school (located in Wisconsin) in 2009 and from Saddleback College with a degree in Liberal Arts and Communication Studies in 2014. While at Saddleback College, I participated in ASG and held a leadership position as the Director of Publicity and Public Relations. Currently, I am a student at Cal State Fullerton and am pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. Saddleback has provided me with countless opportunities that I am grateful for.  If you have any questions regarding CTE, or the college in general, feel free to contact me!





Hello, My name is Fermin Gomez and I am an Outreach Aide at Saddleback College. My educational goal is to obtain a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I plan to be an academic counselor, aiding students through academic counseling and providing resources that will help students excel academically and socially. In 2009, I graduated from Capistrano Valley High School. After graduating, I enrolled in Saddleback College and transferred to California State University, Fullerton with an Associates of Arts in Psychology in 2012. I assist students, current and prospective, with the application and enrollment process, financial aid and answering general questions regarding Saddleback College. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will assist.



Hello, my name is Chantelle Gil and I am an Outreach Aide at Saddleback College. I am currently an International Studies major and am pursuing a career in International and Humanitarian Law. I am in my final year at Saddleback College and am currently the Director of Publicity and Public Relations on the Associated Student Government, the Treasurer for the Circle K club, and am a part of the Honors Program and the Honors Student Council. I am proud to have had Saddleback College as a part of my higher education, as it has been an incredible pathway with great opportunities towards transferring to a University. I enjoy helping students and engaging them in the transition from high school to Saddleback College, so any questions are more than welcomed!

thomas_.jpg Hello, my name is Thomas Torcivia and I am an Outreach Aide at Saddleback College. I am originally from western New York, but graduated from Mission Viejo High School in 2012 with a 3.9 GPA. I am currently a music major at Saddleback College in tuba performance.  I also play football and enjoy working out. I am here to assist incoming students as I always welcome people with questions, and I hope to help you with anything that you need.   Feel free to contact me.