President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation

The President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation was created to recognize members of Saddleback College’s faculty, classified staff, and management who have demonstrated and exemplified the spirit of leadership and innovation over the past year.  Leadership and innovation refer to a new and more effective way of doing things or doing what it takes to make things happen which have a positive impact on our students, campus, and/or community. 

The President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation will be given annually to one person from each of the following groups:

  1. Full-time Faculty;
  2. Part-time Faculty;
  3. Full-time Classified Staff/Part-time Classified Staff;
  4. Administrator/Classified Manager

The awards will be presented during the coming Spring in-service week at the President’s faculty breakfast and classified staff lunch.  Award recipients will receive district-wide recognition and a $250 gift card from the Saddleback College Foundation.

To nominate yourself or another candidate, please complete the nomination form and submit it to Sophie Miller in the President’s Office at by December 13, 2013.