Division Meeting Minutes - 2013-11

Social and Behavioral Sciences Division Meeting

Minutes - Thursday, November 14, 2013

  • Guest Anthony Maciel - Director of Technology Services and Broadcast Systems and Jan Mastrangelo- Application Specialist II: (sharepoint presentation)
  • Sharepoint will eventually have all forms and docs needed for faculty and staff and will be customizable.
  • There will be a link called workflow, which will help save time with documents that need to be signed and delivered to other offices for signatures. This will all be able to be done electronically.
  • The classroom equipment (computer software, AV equipment) in most of the classrooms throughout the campus will be updated/replaced by June 2014
  • Approval of Minutes: Thursday October 10, 2013
  • Tenure Track Faculty Hiring- 3 positions confirmed:
  • Anthropology
  • Child Development
  • History
  • Interviews to take place in Spring 2014for new hire to start in Fall 2014
  • SBS Division Office and Workroom: remodel from January 6-10, 2014.
  • There will be 3 more workspaces added in the faculty workroom
  • Machines that will be moved out of the workroom will be place behind Yvonne’s desk for use by faculty.
  • Kris Leppien-Christensen and Cristy Brenner will be moving into BGS 316 and Christina Altman will be moving into BGS 321.
  • Campus Safety: Students and faculty can request for an escort to their vehicle, particularly evening classes.  
  • Instructional Policies: Faculty Handbook 2012-2013
  • APC and Late Add Permit (yellow card)- no adds after census date.
  • Attendance- New Veterans Policy- faculty need to record attendance. If a veteran should drop a class, the instructor will have to testify as to the last day the student attended.
  • Final Exams- BP 6160, Final Examinations are required for all credit courses and must be given “on the scheduled date and time.”
  • Incomplete grade- only issued for unforeseeable and justifiable reasons at the end of the semester- follow College procedure.
  • Auditing- is not permitted in any course. Students must be officially registered for either a letter grade or on a Credit/No-Credit basis to attend class.
  • Teaching Schedules:
  • Kathy Werle took the SBS Division’s suggestion of starting the Summer 2014,

 8-week class session June 2nd and the 6-week class session on June 16th

  • Teaching request forms due- Thursday November 7th
  • AY 2014-2015- Teaching request form issued- Thursday November 21st, completed form due- Friday December, 13th.
  • Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) in BGS 249:
  • Faculty Resource Website; Faculty Mentor Program (2 hours per semester)
  • Faculty Learning Communities (FLC’s)- small interdisciplinary faculty groups, six new FLC’s for 2013-2014, contact Claire Cesareo
  • College Committee Reports
    •   Part-Time Faculty Taskforce- SBS has two members- Christina Hinkle (PS) and    Nicole Major (Soc)
    •  There were 360 replies to the survey issued to part-time faculty and the 2 biggest issues were- 1. Work areas for part-time faculty 

                                 2. Test proctoring areas

  • New Waitlist to replace current system by Summer 2014 -faculty will have the option to choose whether or not they want to have a waitlist for his/her class and the instructor will have control of the list and can pick and choose who they add to the class.
  •  Updates:
  • Book orders for Spring 2014 semester- past due (Oct. 15)
  • Lot 5 – No parking from November 12, 2013 for the next two years
  • January 2014- parking available between HS and BGS buildings
  •  Events:
  • Saddleback College’s Open House – Wednesday, December 11th,  3-5pm, SSC 212
  • SBS Division Holiday Party- Thursday, December 12th , 12-7pm, BGS 314
  •  Any other business:

            Meeting Adjourned: 2:40p.m.

Next Meeting – SBS Division Holiday Pot Luck- Thursday December 12, 2013,

12pm-7pm, BGS 314