Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Student Health Fee cover?

The Student Health Center offers quality, confidential medical health care and psychological therapy for all currently enrolled students, who have paid their student health fee. Seeing a physician, nurse or mental health therapist is always free (low cost fees apply to some procedures, tests, labs and prescriptions). The student health fee includes treatment for acute, short term illnesses, health education, referrals as needed, injuries, and general health screening, including women's health and mental health therapy. The student health fee covers the cost of on-campus student accident insurance.
*The health fee is not a substitute for health insurance.

Who can be seen in the Student Health Center?

Only students, currently enrolled in classes at Saddleback College, who have paid the Student Health Fee may be seen at the Student Health Center.Enrollment status is verified at each visit. Former students and students who have dropped or withdrawn from classes are not eligible for services.

What services does the Student Health Center provide?

  • Basic Urgent Care
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Physical Examinations
  • Immunizations and TB Testing
  • Mental Health Therapy & Referrals
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Treatment of Common Illnesses & Infections
  • Screening for Blood Pressure & Weight
  • Low Cost Laboratory Testing
  • Low Cost Prescriptions
  • "Over the Counter" Medications
  • Woman Wellness Exams / Pap Tests
  • Birth Control / Pregnancy Testing
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Health Education and Referrals
  • Free condoms

Can I get my prescriptions filled at the Health Center?

No, the Student Health Center does not offer pharmaceutical services. Prescriptions must be filled at local pharmacies.

Can my family be seen in the Health Center?

Only if the family member is a currently enrolled student, we treat only currently enrolled students because the Student Health Center is directly supported by the Student Health Fee.

How do I get to see a doctor, nurse or therapist?

Most students are seen by calling or coming by the Student Health Center to make an appointment. If a student is in immediate need of health or mental health care the Student Health Center will see a student immediately as a "walk in" patient.

How long is the wait to see a doctor, nurse, or counselor?

Urgent and emergent cases will be seen immediately and without an appointment.
Generally, an appointment with a Family Physician or a Registered Nurse is available within 1 to 5 days, a Gynecologist within 2 weeks, and a Therapist within 2 weeks.

Does the Health Fee cover medical insurance?

*The health fee is not a substitute for health insurance.
The Health Fee pays for an on-campus accident insurance program. This means Sadlleback students are covered for accidental injuries that occur on campus or during sanctioned Saddleback events. There is no extended health insurance available through the college. It is recommended that you carry private health insurance. We do have suggestions for vendors of insurance products at reasonable rates. Please come to the Health Center to pick up brochures from insurance companies that offer low cost insurance to California Community College and University students.

I will be transferring soon and the college/university I will be attending has health requirements. Can you help?

Definitely! The Student Health Center will evaluate your documented vaccination history, provide required immunizations or document immunity with laboratory testing, and perform other physical assessments as required for admission by a particular college or university.