Academic year 2015-2016 fees. All fees are subject to change at any time. This information does not constitute a contractual commitment.

California Residents:

Enrollment Fee:

The enrollment fee is a state mandated fee.

$46 per unit

Health Fee:

Students enrolled in classes held on campus are required by the State of California to pay the health fee.

$19 per semester ($16 summer)

Instructional Material Fee:

Certain courses require a fee for materials provided during the course of the semester.

Amount specific to course (may vary)

To determine if an instructional material fee is required and the amount, refer to the courses in the Schedule of Classes.


Nonresidents of California:

In addition to the fees paid by California residents (enrollment, health, and any applicable material fees as shown above), nonresidents also pay:

Capital Outlay Fee:

California nonresidents are required to pay the capital outlay fee.

Summer 2016 - $42 per unit

Fall 2016 - $65 per unit

Spring 2017 - $65 per unit

Summer 2017 - $65 per unit

Nonresident Tuition:

Students who are U.S. citizens but not California residents, and students who are not U.S. citizens, will be charged the nonresident tuition fee.

Summer 2016 - $200 per unit

Fall 2016 - $211 per unit

Spring 2017 - $211 per unit

Summer 2017 - $211 per unit


Other Fees:

Application Fee:

International Students (Students with an F1-visa) are required to pay the application fee.

$54 (non-refundable)

Associated Student Body (ASB) Card:

(Optional) ASB card holders are eligible for various discounts (amusements park, movie tickets, cafeteria purchases, etc).

$10 per semester

Parking Permit Fee:

Parking Fee is required only if parking a car or motorcycle on campus.

$5 daily

$40 semester ($25 summer)

$80 annual (Purchase in fall Only)

$20 semester motorcycle ($10 summer)

$40 annual motorcycle

Return Check Fee:

Students are assessed a processing fee if his/her check is returned to the college for non-payment regardless of the reason.

$20 processing fee