ASG Grant Assistance

This page is designed to assist grant awardees of Associated Student Government (ASG) funds, as well as student club treasurers and mentors (advisors), in understanding how to properly spend the funds awarded to their organization, event, or program. Because Saddleback College is a public institution, many rules regarding finance and accounting are dictated by the state of California as well as the County of Orange. In addition, the Associated Student Government imposes their own rules within their governing documents (bylaws). The ASG derives their funding from vendor contracts held with the South Orange County Community College District (cafeteria, coffee carts, snack vending, and the bookstore) as well as its Student Activities Fee (ASB Stamp).

ASG Grant/Allocation Award Policies and Procedures

ASG Payment Request Form

Budget Form

Food Sign-In Sheet

Invoice Template

List of Department Accounts

Meal Sheet

Payment Form


Admin Assistant Flex Week workshop PowerPoint

Mid-Year Funding Guide