Faculty & Staff Room Reservations

To reserve SSC 212 or 211C please email your request and include the following information:

  • Requested Room--If SSC 212 needs to be opened to the Cafeteria, please specify.
  • Date and Time--Please specify if set up time is needed.
  • Name of Event

Setup Requests:

All setup requests and AV requests must be done trough Maintenance and Audio Visual. If the cafeteria is used in conjunction with SSC 212 a work order must be placed to open the partition and a clean-up work order must be made for the cafeteria after the event.

Visit Maintenance and Facilities FAQ's for any further questions about work orders.



Because of the college's exclusive contract with the cafeteria, all food catering on campus must be purchased through the cafeteria. If you obtain an estimate through the cafeteria, and you can locate the same type of food for a better price somewhere else, you may purchase from an outside vendor with permission of the cafeteria.


Club/ASG Room Reservations

Clubs/ ASG:

In order to reserve SSC 212 or SSC 211C an event planning form must be completed and turned into the Student Development office.

NOTE: When turning in the event planning form be sure to include a description or a detailed drawing of the table and chair setup.

Also be advised that the room REQUESTED on the event planning form will not always be the room received due to possible scheduling conflicts. A confirmation e-mail will be sent after all room reservations and work orders are processed.