Transfer Center Workshops

Teaching Information Seminar

If you want to teach grades K-12 in California, then this seminar is for you.
The seminar will cover the following questions:

*What are the CSET and CBEST?
*What are the Admission requirements for Multiple-Subject or Single-Subject credentials and for the Educational Specialist credential?
*What classes or other preparation can you complete at Saddleback College before transferring?
*What is STEM and Career Technical Education?

My Academic Plan (MAP) Workshop

Beginning Fall 2014, students who want a Saddleback College Certificate, Associate Degree, or who want to transfer, are required to complete a My Academic Plan (MAP) and have it approved by a counselor.

Students must have completed the Matriculation process before attending this group workshop.

This MAP is due once a student has completed 15 degree applicable units or by the end of their third semester, whichever comes first. 


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