Chapman University - Transfer Common Application Tutorial for Spring and Fall 2014

The Common Application tutorial for Chapman University:

The 3 main areas/issues we’ve gotten the most questions on are:

  • Assigning Recommenders and the Registrars Report
  • We also have gotten questions about how students should list their colleges on the Common App:  They should list their current/most recent college as their first college on the Education page.  Towards the end of that Education page students can then use the drop down boxes to list up to 3 more colleges, if applicable.  If students have attended more than 4 colleges we created a question on the Chapman Supplement that allows them to list all of their colleges in order of attendance as long as they list the months and years of attendance

Please refer to our Transfer application checklist as well for how we have addressed the recommendation and the Registrars Report:

  • INVITE an Academic Evaluator through the Assign Recommenders section on You must assign an Academic Evaluator (aka recommender). That recommender can be anyone but a relative. Your recommender can then either submit their letter through the online Common App form OR they can mail in their own letter on their own letterhead to the Office of Admission. Only one letter is required.
  • INVITE a Registrar through the Assign Recommenders section on You must assign a Registrar (aka college official-counselor, mentor, registrar). The Registrar Report is NOT required for applicants applying to Chapman to submit but CommonApp will require you to assign a contact/school official that Chapman could follow up with if they have questions.