Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP)

The TPP program is a grant funded program from the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.  Funding is through June, 2014.  Also visit the Preparing for a Career in Teaching (PACT) page to learn about more benefits for Future Teachers.  PACT


Do you want to be a TEACHER?

Join the Teacher Preparation Pipeline and gain valuable experience as a TPP Teachers Assistant working in a local High School or ROP classroom.


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Enroll in EDUC 115 - Secondary School Teaching

  • Gain tangible experience in a possible career option
  • Gain hands on experience in a local High School or ROP classroom
  • Earn 4 units that transfer to the CSU system
  • Receive academic transfer advisement and supportive educational services

SPRING 2014 Ticket# 18425

Start Date: Monday, February 10, 2014



What are the benefits of the TPP Program?

  • Gain experience in a local high school classroom to see if teaching is a possible career choice for you
  • Earn 4 units of credit that transfer to a CSU
  • Gain access to counselors who specialize in teaching careers



What is the Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP) program?

  • The state anticipates a critical shortage in teachers within the next few years
  • The Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP) program is aimed at recruiting the next generation of high school teachers
  • Saddleback College is offering current high school teachers from Capistrano-Laguna Beach ROP, Coastline ROP, Capistrano Unified School District, or Saddleback Valley Unified School District an opportunity to act as volunteer mentors and guide the next generation of teachers

What are the benefits to Mentors?

  • Guide the next generation of high school teachers
  • Work with Saddleback College students in your classes

What are the benefits to Student Assistants?

  • Earn 4 units during the fall semester that transfer to the CSU system
  • Gain fieldwork experience in a local high school/ROP class for 40 hours (approximately 3 to 4 hours a week) during the semester
  • Meet with a TPP Counselor to explore teaching pathways
  • Gain tangible experience in a possible career option
  • Discover if teaching might be a career for them



Here are some comments from previous TPP students:

  • Rather than waiting until you are far into the teaching pathway and waiting until you do your student teaching to be in a classroom, you get early “classroom experience” to see if teaching would be something you truly want to do. For example, ... how much work is involved; can you handle a class? This class helped me decide that teaching is what I’m passionate about, I have lots of energy when I’m in the classroom and enjoy the kids.
  • This was an excellent experience and opportunity to get first hand exposure to a classroom/ teaching environment. The TPP staff was excellent; readily available and exceptionally helpful. The school placement was also appropriate and positive. I highly commend this educational opportunity to any student considering teaching as helping to direct a career decision.
  • This is an excellent exposure to the world of teaching. The only thing that I recommend to student teachers to approach this class with their "eyes wide open." ... look at all of the aspects as well as their own personal motivations for doing what they're doing.
  • Through the TPP program, I gained early classroom experience. This helped me decide that teaching is what I am passionate about. I enjoy the kids and have lots of energy when I am in the classroom.
  • Overall a great experience to be part of the actual classroom setting in a role that enabled us to develop teaching and interpersonal skills.