Mobile Devices

Purchasing a mobile device such as an IPhone, IPad or Blackberry requires tweaking to work with your exchange email account. All mobile devices have an instruction manual for you to read to fully understand your device.

Blackberries often require you to add active sync or the Enterprise Manager Business feature and there is an additional charge.

Below are some guides to provide you with assistance in setting up your device.

Exchange Information

Staff Email Connection

Server name:

Domain saddleback

Note some NEWER phones may require
that you enter as the
server name.   

Blackberry setup Iphone setup
Ipad setup Saddleback Mobile For Students
Android Phone Sprint Active Sync Android Phone
ATT Blackberry Internet setup for email  


Student Email Connection Office 365 

server name:

Supporting documentation for other devices

Please read your device manual and contact your mobile service provider

Make sure ssl is enabled or ON


Troubleshooting-i phone calendar

Calendar not appearing -- Please ensure that you select your Saddleback College Calendar and not On My iPhone Calendar.

Microsoft Guide Trouble shooting unsynchronized calendar items