Forms and Documents

Below is a list of commonly used forms and documents used by LRC Tutoring.

Tutor Applications

LRC Tutoring - Tutor Application Form

Math and Science Learning Communities - Tutor Application Form

Tutor Work Schedule Request Form

Faculty Recommendation of Tutor Applicant


Study Groups and Exam Review sessions

Study Group and Exam Review Session - Request Form

Study Group and Exam Review Session - Roster


Sudent Workshops

Reading Department - Students Achieving Success

Library - Student Workshops


Faculty Resources

Class Schedule Requests for Tutoring 300 - Due on April 1st

Class Schedule Request for Summer 2013

Class Schedule Request for Fall 2013

Job Description - Tutorial Specialist in LRC Tutoring

Other Forms

Learning Resource Center - Classroom Presentation


LRC Tutoring - Program Review for Learning Assistance Program

2011 Program Review