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Appointment Tutoring:
English, ESL, Humanities, Foreign Language, Accounting, Psychology

Use WCOnline to schedule up to two 30 minute appointments per week with tutors in these subjects. Hour-long appointments are available for students enrolled in a foreign language class, DSPS students, and veterans. See the front desk for assistance.

Schedule an appointment at:

You will need to create a WCOnline account if you've never used the site before.

Using WCONLINE - English directions     |      Using WCONLINE - Farsi directions

Drop-In Tutoring: Math and Science

Tutoring in many Math/Science courses is conducted through drop-in sessions. To receive drop-in tutoring, check in to the Tutoring Center on the login computers and walk to the back area of the center. There will be a waiting list to add your name for Math/Science tutoring.

Specific tutor schedules are available on the wall outside the Tutoring Center and on the Tutor Schedules page. 

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring appointments are also made through WCOnline. For more information, see Online Tutoring & Paper Center.