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HTML Goodies
Ted's Comprehensive HTML Tutorial
HTML and web design help
  HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a world wide markup language that allows a user to create his or her own web page.
Page Tutor
  Here you'll find all sorts of HTML, Javascript and web authoring tutorials, from absolute beginner stuff to more advanced material.
Graphics Tutorials
  Graphics play a key role in Web site creation. Learn all you need to know to make killer graphics with these tutorials.
The Java Tutorial
  A practical guide for programmers. The Tutorial is organized into trails--groups of lessons on a particular subject.
Bare Bones Guide To HTML
  The Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists all the tags that current browsers are likely to recognize. I have included all the elements in the official HTML 4.0 recommendation with common attributes, as well as Netscape and Microsoft extensions.
Internet 101
HTML Character Tables
HTML With Style
Bells and Whistles
  Animations, Graphics, Javascripts,
Resources, Free Software, Information, and more."
Device Drivers




  Animal clip art, pictures, icons, and photographs | Animated GIFs | Cartoon clipart | Computers, schools, business, and office clipart | Flowers and plants clipart | Food and beverage clip art | Holiday and special occasion clip art | Icons | Logos | Miscellaneous clipart | People clipart | Photographs | Stock Photos | Religious clipart | Science-related clipart | Science fiction and fantasy clipart | Sports clipart | Transportation | Travel: maps, flags, & places clipart | Web Graphics


Spreadsheet Tutorial


The Spreadsheet Page




Visual C++ And MFC Library
Learn C/C++ Today C++ Programming Resources




Memory Guide
  Kingston has written the definitive document related to memory and the technology behind it. Everything you ever wanted to know about memory can be found here.


Learn the Net
  Welcome to the WWW version of the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea, published by Albion Books. This online edition contains all the text and graphics from the bound book � you can use the Next Page / Previous Page links to navigate each and every page.
Cookie Central
  Welcome to Cookie Central. We are dedicated to provide full information upon Internet Cookie.
Internet Privacy
  Analyze your internet privacy.Internet banner ad companies begin to track users on the Internet by linking cookies to personal information databases. See how it is done.
Internet Resources
  Blocking Software | Browser Downloads | Internet Explorer | Navigator & Communicator | Opera | Other
Net Glos - The Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology
  This site offers internet terms and definitions in several different languages.
ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
  Here's a specific site for vocabulary building that will help if you plan to work in the areas of Internet and computers. If you don't know what "ADN" means then you may not make it as a "digerati" unless you go to this site and find out what those terms mean, and more, e.g., MOO, MUD and POP.
Web Searching For International Students
  The web is a global project that provides resources for almost every country in the world. Every academic institution has students enrolled from many countries, allowing for greater diversity and understanding in the local community. Many instructors ask students to complete class assignments or projects based on their native countries. This web site provides international searching resources for most countries of the world: it will allow all students to gain information necessary to complete their projects.
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Internet 101
  Welcome to the STIMULUS Internet 101 page. This site is dedicated to teaching everyone about the internet. This site will constantly grow with new lessons and information for all ages. It is our hope that citizens and students will all benefit from this service.
Search Engine Showdown
  Features: Search Engine Chart | By Feature | News Searches | Multi-Search Directories | Opinions/Usenet | Phone Numbers | Others
Analysis: Relative Size | Strategies | Stats Summary | Total Size | Unique Hits | Overlap | Dead Links |Inconsistencies
Learning: Reviews | Books | On the Net
News & Talk: Latest News | Email Lists | Alerts
Introduction to Search Engines
  The Internet has tens of millions of sites at this point; growth is exponential and bibliographic control does not exist. To find the proverbial needle in this immense haystack (or tiny fly in the Web), you may use two basic approaches: a search engine or a subject guide such as Yahoo, Snap, LookSmart, and Magellan.
Comparing Search Engines
  Introduction to Search Engines - a reference librarian reviews the seven major search engines in terms of scope, interface, logic, and results. A handy chart compares the features.
Internet Resources
Learning to use the Internet
  There are all sorts of fun simple easy things to learn on the Web, if you know where to look for tutorials. Net 101 Join your Guides as they take you through all the basics -- Emailing, Browsing, Chatting, Searching, Downloading, and Shopping!
Internet for Beginners
  Browsers-Choosing | Browsers-Plug-Ins | Browsers - Using | Bulletin Boards | Chatting | Clip Art | Email | Extranets | Ezines | FTP | High Speed Access | History | ISPs | Intranets | Jargon Explained | Jokes for Newbies | Netiquette | Net Games | Newsletters | Reference | Search Engines | Shopping Online | Teaching Kids | Technical Support | Tutorials | Usenet | Subject Library
Web Teacher
Internet Resources
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Glossary of Internet Terms
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