Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring appointments and Paper Review will be available soon!

Please be patient while we work out the bugs :)

Online Tutoring through ConexED

Online tutoring appointments are scheduled, live meetings between LRC tutors and students through the ConexED video chat service.

How to make an Online Tutoring appointment:
  1. Enroll in TU300
  2. Select the "Schedule an Appointment" button
  3. Login with your student username (ex: jsmith19) and password
  4. From the pop-up, select "Video Meeting"
  5. Choose subject and time options, and fill out form
  6. Make sure your subject and tutor match!

How to attend your Online Tutoring appointment:
  1. Download the Chrome (preferred) or Firefox browser
    • Safari and Internet Explorer will not work
  2. Use the link in your confirmation email
  3. You must have a microphone and headphones!

 Video chat with Online Tutoring on Cranium Cafe

Online Paper Review

The Online Paper Review allows students to submit an essay and receive written feedback from tutors. This is not a tutoring appointment. Instead, students "reserve" time for the tutor to review their paper. 

How to submit an essay to the Paper Review:
  1. Enroll in TU300
  2. Select the "Schedule an Appointment" button below
  3. Login with your student username (ex: hpotter17) and password
  4. Select essay type, date, and time
  5. Fill out form - be specific
  6. Make sure to attach your paper!
Your reviewed essay will be returned by email at the end of your selected time period. 
(ex: If you select 2:00-2:30, your paper will be returned by 2:30.)

Video chat with Paper Review on Cranium Cafe