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The following information is for tutors of Saddleback College's Tutoring Center.

Professional Development

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Client Report Forms (CRFs)

Client Report Forms must be completed at the end of every tutoring session. Please follow these steps:
  1. In the last 5 minutes, visit WCOnline to add a Client Report Form to the appointment, seen here
  2. Prompt the student to summarize the tutoring session, what they did well, and what needs more work.
  3. The tutor should fill out the CRF with their own comments and the student's reflections. 
  4. Check the box to "Email Client Report Form to Client/Student."
  5. Check the box to "Email Client Report Form to Administrator."

Sample CRF 1                      Sample CRF 2

Tutor Employee Handbook


All tutors are required to read and understand the terms of their employment and LRC rules. 
Click here to view/download the Tutor Employee Handbook

Socratic Tutoring


Socratic Tutoring Best Practices Information

Paper Review

Paper Review Quick Guide

Online Tutoring 

Online Tutoring Best Practices

Past Tutor Ceremonies


Thank you tutors for all that you do!