Why Tutor?

“Tutoring this semester was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself as a teacher, mentor, friend, and motivator. ”
Stephanie Melton

“It sounds somewhat hokey but I am excited about learning, and as it turns out that this is even more valuable than the answers to math problems”. “I think the most fulfilling part about being a tutor is wallking into the LAP and finding students that I had tutored helping one another, I felt a small twinge of rejection but that soon passed, replaced with overwhelming pride”.
Ian Trillo

“I learned that I could really make a difference in peoples lives by giving back”.
Chris Athari

“I soon realized that this would be a life changing experience. The rooms bustled with a synergy that uniquely charge students minds and tutors hearts”.
Laura P. Russell

“I really enjoy tutoring, and I make a lot of frineds in the LAP. LAP is an international family”.
Mei Ling Liang

“I have also learned the truth in the saying “give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat all his life”, in tutoring this is called the Socratic method”.
Antonio Bartolini

“Not only has tutoring taught me a lot about other students and about math, it has taught me a great deal about myself.”
Halimeh Pazeky

“ There is something about helping another individual learn and understand that makes you feel good inside.”
David Ludden

“I almost felt like I was not properly tutoring because I felt I was learning so much more from the students than they were from me.”
Casey McEachern

“Being in the LAP made me feel good, a part of something special. A place where the students are the teachers and the teachers (tutors) are the students.”
Janeva Pellegrini

“Tutoring has opened a new world to me and I hope that the students that I have dealt with feel the same way.”
Amy Bailey

“I was excited and stimulated to discover that I did not need to know everything in my area of tutoring. I was empowered, not weakened, by having to say, I don't know, but I will find out.”
Chantal Bascom

“Every student I tutored inspired me in my own journey.”
Samantha Cooprider

“Since I sarted tutoring, I've gained a better knowledge in life. I've learned things about myself by learning about others.”
Mai Dinh

“Why am I doing this?”
Jack Wilson 12/01/1914-10/04/1995