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America's Historical Documents

  • The Bill of Rights Charters of Freedom
    • The Significance of the Bill of Rights Throughout the history of man a struggle has existed between the liberty of the people and the power of the central government to rule without infringing on those same liberties. The success of any nation is best assured when a balance exists between the liberties, or rights, of the people and the power afforded the government to rule.

  • Historical American Documents

  • The Declaration of Independence

  • This Nation The most comprehensive Guide to American Government & Politics on the Net. Historical Documents | Executive Orders | War Messages | Foreign Policy Statements | Inaugural Addresses | Political Essays & Speeches | Oaths, Poems & Songs | Supreme Court Decisions | Federal Court Rulings & Findings | Treaties, Pacts & Agreements | Constitutions of Other Nations

  • Historical Documents - Law Research

  • The Constitution of the United States of America Analysis and Interpretation Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States

  • George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress 1741-1799 Time Line | Essays about the George Washington Papers | George Washington: Surveyor and Mapmaker | "Introduction" to The Diaries of George Washington

  • A Chronology of US Historical Documents A Chronology of US Historical Documents was named as an Award-Winning Site for August 1996 by Education World. This site is also Featured in the Sept./Oct. 1996 issue of Computers in Social Studies Journal.

  • Historical Document Search
    • Searches Early Congressional Documents [including Declaration of Independence], the Federalist Papers, the Constitution [including the Bill of Rights and Other Amendments]
    • Type your search word/phrase in the box, and press the Search button to begin. E.g., taxation, freedom of speech, trial by jury, militia etc.

  • U.S. Historical Documents Regarding Slavery
    • US Government Documents The Constitution of the United States of America (via CSU Chico)
      Supreme Court Decision in Dredd Scott vs. Illinois (via Cornell Law School)
      The Emancipation Proclamation (via the Library of Congress)
    • Discussions of Slavery My Bondage and My Freedom (from Project Gutenberg) by Frederick Douglass
      Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (via Carnegie Mellon University) by Frederick Douglass
      A Narrative of the Uncommon Sufferings, and Surprizing Deliverance of Briton Hammon, a Negro Man (from theUniversity ofVirginia) by Briton Hammon
      The Confessions of Nat Turner (HTML files from Holland) by Nat Turner
    • Later Documents Regarding Slavery and African American Identity Up from Slavery (via Wiretap) by Booker T. Washington
      The Souls of Black Folk (from Project Gutenberg) by William E. B. Du Bois)
      An Address to the Negroes in the State of New-York (from theUniversity ofVirginia) by Jupiter Hammon
    • Other Sources of US Historical Documents The University of Oklahoma Law Center A Chronology of United States Historical Documents, including all the Presidential inaugural addresses.
      Mississippi State University Historical Archives US Collections of Mississippi State's substantial archive of historical documents.



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