Veteran and Military Students

1. Apply for Admission

             a. Mark Veteran on your application

             b. Collect your DD 214, Military ID or Order Papers.Have all official transcripts

                 sent to Saddleback College from any schools attended

2. Complete Matriculation

            a.  Assessment

            b. Online Orientation

            c. Advisement

3. Make an appointment with a VETS Counselor to complete your Student Educational Plan (SEP)

4. Get you benefits

            a. Review

            b. Visit the VA Educational Benefits Veterans Office website

5. Learn about available Financial Aid

6Pick your classes

           a. Enroll in your classes using MySite

           b. Pay fees & purchase parking permit

7.  Get your textbooks: Buy, Rent or Borrow and

8. Get familiar with the different Veterans Resources available at  Saddleback