Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

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The Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) was legislatively mandated in 1969 with the passage of SB 164 (Alquist). This “social reform” legislation encouraged the California Community Colleges to develop programs and services designed to meet the educational needs of [all] students disadvantaged by “language, social and economic [barriers],” these programs and services are to be “over, above, and in addition to those regularly offered at the college,” and which “encourage students growth, development, and successful participation” in collegiate life.

At Saddleback College the EOPS/CARE program is committed to providing over and above student support services such as priority registration, personalized counseling, book vouchers, extended tutoring, scholarships and much more. It is our goal to provide our EOPS students with the tools and support that is needed to succeed in academic and/or vocational goals. Further we strive to promote an education of self-awareness, personal growth and the power of choice and perseverance through counseling.

COVID-19 Update

EOPS/CARE is here to help and answer your questions. Due to COVID -19 we have shifted to new and exciting modes of communication. You can now contact us within 3 different platform. Any emails or phone messages will be answered within an hour during business hours.

  1. EOPS Virtual Zoom Lobby click here 
  2. Email: sceops@saddleback.edu
  3. Office phone: (949) 582-4620

2020 Summer EOPS

We are now accepting Summer 2020 EOPS
. If you are new to Saddleback College and would like more information, feel free to contact us through one of our new modes of communication.