Coronavirus FAQs - Updated May 7, 2020

What is the Deadline for an Excused Withdrawal?

For students who are unable to finish a course this semester, the deadline for an excused withdrawal (EW) has been extended to June 8. Before requesting this option, we encourage you to speak with a counselor to consider any potential impact on your transfer plans.

An early withdrawal will appear as an EW on your transcript and the Student Payment Office will contact you to discuss a refund of your enrollment fees ($46/unit).

Please click here for the Excused Withdrawal Form Due to COVID 19

For additional details on the EW, please visit the Admissions and Records website.

How Do I Get the Pass/No Pass Grade Option?

You may request the Pass/No Pass (P/NP) option by June 8. If you are in a course that allows the P/NP option, the P is the equivalent of a C grade or better. It gives you credit for passing the course but won’t count toward your overall GPA. While the No Pass doesn’t negatively impact your GPA, you will not earn units and it won’t be counted toward progress probation or dismissal.  If you’d like to change your grading option to Pass/No Pass, Log into MySite. Go to MyClasses. Select Change Grading Option.

Before requesting this option, we encourage you to speak with a counselor to consider any potential impact a P/NP may have on your transfer plans.

Click here for a list of courses that allow the P/NP grade option.

If you decide after May 13 to change your grade option, you will need to submit a Pass/No Pass Petition which can be found at https://www.saddleback.edu/admissions/Forms-and-Petitions no later than May 20, the last day of the spring semester. 

Will my parking permit or student health center fees be refunded?

Fees paid for parking permits and the health center are used for the projected cost of maintenance and staffing, not projected use.  As such, we will not be able to refund the fees paid for these services.  The student health center continues to offer services online, and the projected cost for parking is shared by students, faculty, and staff, who all pay parking permit fees. Maintenance has not been reduced and staff have not been furloughed.

Is the college open?

Classes and student support services are currently offered online.  Aside from a few essential employees who are maintaining campus operations, the campus is currently closed for in-person instruction and services.

What about student support services?

Student support services will continue to be offered online.  Please check specific department web pages for hours of operation, instructions for online help, etc.  Click on Student Support Services in the red menu to get a list of departments and a link to their web pages.

What is the status of summer and fall registration?

Students can register for summer and fall classes.   Check MySite for your registration appointment.  

Is the Bookstore open?

The Bookstore is closed but the website remains open and is offering free ground shipping to avoid disruption. The Bookstore wants to ensure that students have access to textbooks and other essential items.  Please check www.bkstr.com/saddlebackstore/home for more information.

Students that receive Financial Aid will be able to order books online.  At the payment screen, select Financial Aid or scholarship as the payment method, and enter student ID number.  Applicable scholarship or financial aid will populate for the student to select. Students that have received gift cards for textbook purchases may also use them for online purchases by selecting Gift Card as the payment method and then following the prompts to complete the purchase.

Rental Returns: If you rented a book for the spring semester, the Bookstore is providing free shipping return labels you can access in your Bookstore account. Please access and print your label on or before May 20, 2020. They are also extending the non-return period without penalty for an additional 15 days past the current Spring 2020 term due date of May 20, 2020. This applies to all rental patrons, whether you rented in-store or online. You can find the steps to return your rental in this document. Details will also be included in your rental return reminder emails as the due date approaches.

Book Buyback: Due to the closure of the Bookstore, spring semester textbooks can only be sold online. Information on how to sell a textbook can be found on the Bookstore's Sell Your Textbooks page
Have events on my calendar been canceled?

All events during the spring semester have been canceled.  Some workshops may be offered online.  Check the calendar on the website for updates.  We will host a virtual commencement to recognize and honor our graduates (further information to come). All athletic events have been canceled. All Spring sports have been canceled. As we are no longer allowing visitors on campus, all events for the public are canceled.

How will the college communicate with me during the closure?

Aside from professors who will communicate with you frequently regarding your classes, communications from the college will continue through email as our primary means of direct communication.  While we understand that texting may be preferred by many of our students, cellular networks across the globe are taxed in the face of the rapidly evolving situation we are currently facing. As such, texting may not always be available and email remains the most reliable way of communicating with you.  

In the coming days and weeks during our closure, please refer to the website for the most current information on college operations.  We know you have many questions and we are committed to ensuring that we are keeping you informed so that we can minimize any confusion for you while you focus on your studies. When significant updates are available, we will notify you by email.