Safety Requirements


Saddleback College recommends that you be vaccinated for the fall semester. While the decision is a personal one, those who remain unvaccinated are vulnerable to COVID-19 that could be spread by others who are also unvaccinated, particularly the more transmissible Delta variant. We will work to reduce that risk by having everyone wear masks indoors (see below), but we strongly urge you to take only online classes to further reduce your risk if you intend to remain unvaccinated. Students can make an appointment to get vaccinated at the Student Health Center by calling (949) 582-4606 or through the Telehealth system at


The college will require that masks or two-layer gaiters be worn at all times in all indoor locations on campus with only these exceptions:

  • Students in some programs (e.g. some athletics) are being surveillance Covid tested so that they can be mask-less during some activities under the instruction of their Coaches/Instructors. Those students will receive separate instructions. This exception does not apply to students in programs other than those being surveillance tested.

You will need to wear a mask indoors even if you are vaccinated.

Masks are not required outdoors.

Masks will be available in building entrances throughout campus. Please take one if you forget to bring one to campus. We will also be providing boxes of 50 masks, free of charge, throughout buildings on campus.

If you are unable to wear a mask indoors because of a documented medical or psychological condition, you must obtain an accommodation from the Student Health Center and wear an approved clear face shield with a full drape from the bottom of the shield to your chest. 


Daily Symptom Checking

It is essential to remain vigilant in your efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While the increased access to vaccines is encouraging, please remember that many people have not yet had their first vaccine, others have not had their second vaccine, and many children have not yet been approved for the vaccine.

Checking for symptoms daily prior to coming to campus helps to decrease the opportunity for the spread of COVID-19. Check your temperature daily, watch for signs and symptoms including a cough, shortness of breath, headache, loss of smell or taste, and body aches or chills. Please remember that, if you develop symptoms and/or you test positive for COVID-19 through our testing site or an off-campus site, do not come to campus. (Please note that you are not required to share your specific diagnosis. However, promptly notifying the College that you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 allows us to perform contact tracing for the safety of the College community.) Please contact the Student Health & Wellness Center at 949-582-4606.

Other Safe Practices

You are encouraged to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (available in learning spaces) and to clean surfaces that others have used, such as keyboards and desktops (using sanitizing wipes available in computer labs and classrooms). Even though surface contact is rarely a cause of COVID-19, it continues to be an important source of transmission for colds and influenza.